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Wood louse - a harmful weed or a useful plant?

Come to an end spring, the glorious summer comes, at many Russians the next harvest season on sadovo - garden sites began. As soon as it becomes warm, on beds the first various weeds arise, and on fight against them a lot of time leaves!

One of the most widespread and difficult removed weeds is the wood louse or as it correctly call “an average zvezdchatka “(Stellaria media) . In the people her name is differently: mokrichka, chicken zvezdchatka, bird`s zvezdchatka, runner, zvezdochnik , etc. This annual plant from family of clove. Loves crude places. Florets are small, snow-white, similar to an asterisk. Only miss it, and all beds will be covered by it with a brilliant green carpet. The wood louse blossoms all warm season. From spring to fall gives 2 - 3 generations. According to data of scientists, in the earth seeds of a wood louse do not lose viability till 30 years! It is almost impossible to bring her from a kitchen garden. And whether it is necessary?

The wood louse possesses surprising property to forecast the weather as it is very sensitive to fluctuations of temperature and humidity of air. In old times on this plant - a barometer forecast the weather on the near future. If to 9 o`clock in the morning the nimbus of a flower did not rise and did not reveal, then to be to a rain in the afternoon. And after a rain the plant becomes as if crystal - thanks to the small stalks overflowed with water which are shining brightly on the sun. From here, probably, there was also its national name - a wood louse .

The most surprising for me that the wood louse lodged also on our backyard in Houston, having escaped in three-months heat at a temperature of +38 degrees. And, in the first year of my stay there it was not. But in the last two years it appeared, and it becomes more and more. Though, here I ride a bicycle on all our settlement, it is quite far from the house, and anywhere, except the yard, on lawns I do not see it. Perhaps migratory birds to us brought seeds, and most likely, I, together with flowers seeds which brought from St. Petersburg. It grows and on a bed with fennel and parsley, and on beds near flowers. However, I do not hurry to pull out it because in the middle of the summer when chilly and very hot, it helps to keep moisture in the soil. And I remembered that when lived in Belarus, in the Vitebsk region, in the lodge with a kitchen garden, neigbours spoke about big advantage of this of a weed ordinary-looking in appearance more than once. Maria Denisovna who held a cow and hens always asked me after weeding of beds a wood louse to give it, for an additive to a forage to cattle. Hens very much like to peck a wood louse, they from it rush better. If to add a wood louse to a forage to goats, cows, then animals give milk more. In the same place, in Belarus, advised to do me foot trays with a tired wood louse, they take off fatigue, puffiness and joint pain, especially, if there are stones on thumbs.

In general, the wood louse is a true storeroom of useful substances. Especially there is a lot of in it vitamins “C“ and “E“, and the vitamin “K“, rare for plants, regulating coagulability of blood . It contains and minerals: iron, magnesium, copper, cobalt, and also phytoncides. This modest plant possesses the most valuable properties: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiscorbutic, moderated zhelchegonny and diuretic, and hypotensive - reduces arterial pressure. Promotes treatment of vegetososudisty dystonia, coronary heart disease.

For a long time rural doctors used juice of a fresh wood louse for treatment of diseases of a liver and kidneys, a thyroid gland (a craw in a pro-hundred-adverb), hemorrhoids. It is very useful to wipe with wood louse broth a face, especially to those young people at whom eels and heat-spots quite often pour out. The wood louse has practically no taste and smell, just fresh grass. And if regularly to accept juice of a fresh wood louse, then it is possible to cure headaches, to take off irritability, fatigue, to improve memory. Vitamin “E“ which contains in fresh juice slows down aging processes, clears blood vessels, improves composition of blood, promotes removal from an organism of harmful substances. Of course, for this purpose insufficiently one-time reception of juice. It is necessary to drink wood louse juice on a half-glass three times a day to food within three months - almost all summer summer season.

in the Early spring, along with a nettle, it suits for preparation of salads and seasonings.

It is possible to prepare a wood louse and for the future. Medicinal raw materials is the land part, collect it during blossoming. It is necessary to dry in a shadow, at a temperature not above 40 °C. To store or in a linen sack, or in glass or wooden ware with a cover. Dry powder of a wood louse can be added in the winter to different broths and to food.

Here couple of recipes with use of a wood louse.

Wood louse and carrots garlic salad :

For one portion: To grate 1 piece of carrots, 100 grams of the washed-out and cut wood louse, 1 segment of garlic - to wipe, 2 - 3 spoons of sour cream, (or mayonnaise), salt to taste.

Fried eggs with a wood louse and green onions:

3 eggs, a half-glass of the cut wood louse and a half-glass of the cut green onions, a half-glass of milk, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt to taste. To shake up eggs with milk, to pour there mix of a wood louse and onions and to fry on a frying pan, or stirring slowly or as an omelet.

Generally, you do not hurry to finish completely with this grass. That being spent for expensive foreign preparations, look to yourself under legs - here it, medicine! Use and good luck!