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Why girls become prostitutes? Money, Money, Money! To hide

of What, work of “moth“ is in many respects extreme.

It is good if there are sane clients. Or, at least, partially. But it does not happen. It is necessary to deal also with deranged. Strange and perversions.

I do not know whether for fun whether seriously whether was, was not, but one girl told how once the drunk client paid her big money for the fact that she spanked him on the naked back a lead for walking of dogs. Yes not a simple povodochok for a lap dog, say, and wattled analog of a cable. Receiving blows to “the fifth point“, the client, being on all fours, enthusiastically potyavkivat in an execution step.

Other divchina told approximately so: “Oh, little girls, trouble now with these clients! Recently one came, cultural, in ochochka gilded, polite, paid money on a double tariff. I undressed. He does not hurry, declares, supposedly loves birdies. I to it: “What does it have to do with birdies?!“ And he also says that he held all childhood of pigeons. Very much loved birdies. And then some freaks burned its dovecot! And so, it gets something from a package like a rim, and to it the heap of multi-colored feathers is attached to a rim. Feathers are same, as at a peacock in the tail!

Speaks to me, girls supposedly dress this rim with feathers to yourself on a bottom, and that I so supposedly cannot! And here with a birdie it is capable to copulate... What here you will do, the double tariff bashlyat! I dressed this rim with feathers on a waist, got up on “karachka“, and in a mirror I see the reflection. Horror! Real peacock. The rim on my bottom precisely is similar to a peacock tail! This fan of birdies began to be selected behind. Well, I think, business will go now, then it will dump back home quicker. And that you thought?! Suddenly ashes zavonyalo...

I nuzzle: where what burns? Looked incidentally in a mirror - and began to yell! My bottom burns! This reptile when behind came, imperceptibly struck a lighter, and set fire to feathers on a rim. There is a freak! Speaks, I so on fire reminded his birdies to him. And I have a bum around in a flame! Admitted then, the pervert that took great pleasure. Money still from above threw. And you know how extinguished, by the way? This thrifty reptile from the car the automobile fire extinguisher took tiny. Here so, girls, a bottom at first on fire, and then in a penalty fee!“

Or still history: “Oh, little girls, and to me two came. Solid, suits from “Versace“, pins in ties diamond sparkle. I was prepared in advance. Guests undressed. One of them took out from a tie a pin with diamond, in vodka rinsed and stretches to me. Mandative tone declares: “Sit down astride me while I run on all fours. In a bottom a pin you will prick me. You are an equestrian. And I with you on a back will have to catch up and osalit the partner!“ The partner too, appears, will run on all fours. To refuse? And what for? It is paid and is cheerful! Villages I on his back, in a buttock pricked. He began to yell the cat scalded - and let`s chase the friend, and all on all fours. Crying shame! That ahead runs, the back naked, between legs the economy man`s dangles, and we catch up with it... Then it became clear that the bet at them for the unlimited sum is concluded - who with whom will catch up and osalit“.

The above stories, maybe, and an invention, a joke, but in each joke, as they say, are an element of truth. As we see, also the clients loving pain, and the most rare copies among “moths“ which are also looking for pains meet. And it is that in the most ancient profession from different loonies, there are enough delusioneds and souteneurs.

8. Money, Money, Money

But nevertheless the rod reason was formulated somehow time by one bright maiden with the decoloured hair: “I am engaged in it that “to cut cabbage“. It arrived from the Ulyanovsk region. Did not wish to put cabbage at itself in the village never before. It moved behind “cabbage“ to megalopolises. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod. “Cabbage“. This word most often sounded in answers of my interlocutors. Dollars, dollars, dollars (those years “dollar“ was very strong, and the ruble was associated with Buratino and called it “wooden“).

The Swedish legendary AVVA duet in repertoire has a remarkable song with the verified transitions. Two beauties sing to the whole world (though not the poor for a long time!) how medovo - pryanichno to live in the world of the rich person. Literally there are such words:

Money, Money, Money

Must be funny

In the rich man`s world!

That is if absolutely taken place and respectable seductresses from legendary ensemble clear voices sing the anthem to “cabbage“, what to speak about simple little girls!

Money! Money! Money! In other words, in fact, little changed since the time of Neanderthal men. The male gives to a female the fried thoroughly piece of a leg of a pangolin, that to it - sex. The male of laughter for the sake of or in view of Neanderthal deviations in thinking can hit the maiden, nastuchat to a neandertalka on the head. Thus, it satisfies the lust, neutralizes aggression and fun it is available. And a female, especially without doing anything in respect of physical efforts, receives additional livelihood. So was then. Now - banknotes and coins instead of a leg of a pangolin.

Money - here that indicator on which as butterflies on a candle, fly girls and turn over the panel. Land. Accustom. Remain or leave. It is remarkable that when money at the population in view of any economic crises and disasters becomes a little, prostitution declines. Girls on the panel - a peculiar litmus paper of a situation in economy. Unemployment, for example, at the same time brings to market of intimate services of new “fighters“ (the dismissed secretaries, office - managers, shop assistants) and thus reduces demand for the same services. To clients to support own families. And love joys lose the attractiveness on a hungry paunch.

In the movie “Adrenaline - 2. The high voltage“ Jason Stethem`s hero appears among the striking prostitutes. Clients, and simply - at the man`s population, in view of a failure of economic policy of the country have no money, there is no work and the future is foggy. Prostitutes act as socially important force here: they protest against impoverishment of men in the city. “There is no money - suck!“ - here the slogan of maidens on meeting. Notice, jobless men sit on houses.

Thus, money - nevertheless the most important reason of leaving of women on the panel. I believe that if society where what you want goods is sometime created and services will be provided free of charge (communism), the profession of “moth“ will become the most rare.

For now girls and women (and sometimes and young people!) with might and main try to cut more “cabbage“ on the panel. All of them still are eager a leg of a pangolin...