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What men are afraid of feminists?

Around feminism are wound more myths and horrors, than around any other current.

That in general it this feminism?

F. - socially - the political movement which purpose is providing the civil rights to women of all completeness. In a broad sense - aspiration to equality of women with men in all spheres of society. In narrow sense - women`s movement which purpose is elimination of discrimination of women and their equation in the rights with men.

It is no secret that up to the beginning of the XX century the woman even in the developed countries was something average between a houseplant and draft cattle. She could not vote, could not own property (even own, patrimonial), could not study, could not choose to herself the husband or live in itself if it was it more on temper. The woman was on position of a wedding horse: muzzle in bows, a bum in soap, and even worse - at least do not demand from a horse that she decorated herself with bows and smiled to the owner. And only thanks to feminism the woman got human rights. Really the normal person (even if it is the man) will not scruple to declare that it is bad?

What tried to obtain and what feminists achieved?

to Grant to women a vote (sufrazhizm)? - Normally and reasonably.

to Give to women the chance to possess own property? Normally and reasonably.

equality in work, behind some exceptions connected with physical force is possible to Give.

Equal opportunities in education? - Here the extreme obscurantist will object only absolutely.

the Equal rights in marriage? - Probably, men very much want not to give them, but some have enough conscience it to understand and to be ashamed.

Right for divorce? Normally and reasonably.

the Right to dispose of own body? Well, with those who deny such right for women, to you it is not necessary and to talk.

Equal compensation for the IDENTICAL done work - it seems, too it is fair, but it is not reached yet. the feminism of special success had no

In the Soviet Union. Because the equal rights for women were declared both in the law and in constitutions, and formally speaking to be at war there was nothing. In practice it turned back equal rights at a full inequality of duties: the Soviet woman, of course, had full authority to bring down the wood, to stack cross ties and to push uphill trolleys with coal, as did, but nobody was going to exempt her from individual execution of a house and kitchen duty after work, without speaking about care of children and their education. What in the conditions of the total disorder of the Soviet national life took away all leisure and all forces from women.

Besides the huge role was played by an enormous disproportion of floors - revolutions, repressions, wars and alcoholism promoted what men, capable to creation of a family, was many times less, than women. And in such situation, of course, mothers taught daughters to grab any trousers because “the bad husband is better, than absolutely any“ and to please him, “and that he will leave“ that generated and maintained negligence to women even among women. So what here feminism. Very many women still consider that the norm is when man`s duties equally, and female entirely on the woman. It was also called equality on - Soviet .

However, at us is article not about what is feminism and what it reached - it is quite sensible is stated in the article “What Women for the Last Hundred Years Achieved?“ (K. Filonov). We have other subject: why their quite reasonable and already in many respects the reached requirements cause in some men such hybrid of paralysis with itch ?

A big mistake is the opinion that the feminist wants to be main - in a family, in marriage, at work. Such women meet, and is frequent, but it has no relation to feminism, that is to conversation on the EQUAL rights. And it is possible to be main in upon steam even at most brutally - anti-feministic laws in society. It is pure psychology, but feminism here it is absolute at anything. It is so possible to agree also to the fact that the Old woman in “The tale of the fisherman and a small fish“ was a feminist. And unless she cared for the rights of all women? she was interested only her personal opportunities, and no more than that.

There is still an idea of feminists as about terrible hairy women who drag in court of everyone who will give way to it in transport or will open a door. But I yet never met anybody who would suffer from it personally, was put on trial and was sentenced to a million penalty. Always it is retelling - chitanny in Bashorge, on Jokes ru or in a forum of pikaper “How to remove spots and to subdue all women of the world in three minutes“. Well as a last resort history is presented as what happened to the acquaintance of acquaintances who personally saw such victim. So it will be logical to conclude that it is the city legends dismissed by diffident men for the purpose of discredit of feminism.

Of what actually the diffident man who suspects what value - that him in the market of grooms is small is afraid? He is afraid of of the free choice of women - because is afraid that it will not be chosen. Therefore he wants to choose itself, or at least to feed illusion that chooses. It is necessary to support the painful vanity somehow. Therefore strategy at it simple: understanding that there are women who will never choose it, he hurries to cry out fast the “grapes are green“: I do not want, all of them terrible and hairy, and I am loads cool and I need silent east garemny woman (it is desirable only that she also worked as a tractor) that admired my steepness.

It is obvious not feminists. They will not begin to do it. It is necessary our anxious with Feeling of Own Greatness - as aggressive self-defense - to accuse feminists of a strakholyudnost, stupidity, a pripadochnost, quarrelsomeness etc. And what they there actually try to obtain - what to it a difference.

Professionally insolvent men are afraid of of the competition in the professional sphere , at the same time they is noisy proclaim the “woman has to stay at home, raise children and create to me a cosiness“ model, but somehow forget to add that they are not able to provide all this financially...

But the most surprising in such situation is an existence of a huge number of women who with infernal haste declare “I am not a feminist, no, no!“ - though with might and main have all above-mentioned benefits and the rights.

By what it is explained? In - the first, the same city legends about awful, ugly and crude frights which beat men by an umbrella for any attempt to help it to drag a suitcase. And in - the second, this opinion which strongly took roots and cultivated in them by mothers and grandmothers that allegedly “ALL men are afraid of clever and independent women“, - they are afraid to be fools and therefore “the clever woman hides the mind“. Therefore even if the woman - the brilliant system administrator or the programmer, she in the presence of so-called of the stronger sex has to is noisy to clap the pasted eyelashes and to peep: “Ah, darling, as you interestingly tell about these awful computers, I would never master it“. That the man, so was not frightened and did not run away.

These most uncertain and diffident men are also consoled in fairy tales that feminists are such terrible aunts who just did not find to themselves the man. Let from it it will be easier and more pleasant to them - you should not argue with them. To me always interestingly happens to ask rather such women: and why you, kind girlfriends, need such man who is AFRAID that you it is cleverer than him?

Why to you this diffident diffident pettiness? That it lay on a sofa and scratched the vanity? And here before it you “hide the mind“ and pretend to be “a charm what foolish“ that it did not leave?!

The clever and sensibly conceiving man has to be glad only that his wife not the idiot and not plastic Barbie, but not to be afraid that if she ceases to pose as “at - mothers - the little fool“, then he will appear in deep... eeee... to a pool. Because it and - clever. As in a joke about animals when the lion speaks to a bull: “So it you the wife - a cow, and at me have a wife - the LIONESS!“.

Why to humiliate it with pretense and to calm shouts “I am not a feminist“? Especially as as soon as equality will be reached in everything - the feminism will quietly disappear as superfluous.