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In total on bicycles or What is celebrated on May 8 in the Netherlands?

Day of cyclists, or as it is called in the Netherlands, Landelijke Fietsdag, are noted on the second Saturday of May, that is in 2010 on May 8. It is accepted to carry out it by family sorties on the nature on picnic, all by the same bicycles.

History of a holiday is conducted from World War II when Germans - invaders decided to get rid of the Dutch bicycles. Too fast movement of local population therefore all bicycles were thrown out the nearby river was it not on an interior, and those that remained are whole, Germans took away with themselves at retreat. Dutches cannot forgive it to Germans since then, and at each opportunity remind, and do it not only elderly Dutches, but young people who at that time not that the bicycle could not be had, and still were not even born.

Not casually the holiday originates in this country: practically all inhabitants, young and old, have the bicycle and try to use it as often as possible. It is not sophisticated that special paths and parking are for this purpose taken away. The number of various bicycles - both new, and old, and broken, and drowned - reaches 16 million, and length of bicycle paths over all country of nearly 4500 miles. Cyclists treat invasion on the territory badly, that is paths therefore the tourist should not take them for pedestrian mistakenly. Leave bicycles not only on special parking, but also at lampposts, trees, bridges and other, and sometimes just throw on a lawn.

Dutches carry out by bicycles nearly half-lives, it at them not only a vehicle, but also a method of fight against excess weight after a dense lunch, and just a way to lead a healthy lifestyle therefore the holiday is of great importance for the country. Naturally, look after bicycle expensive to heart very diligently, some transfer from generation to generation, practically everyone tries to be allocated and decorate the bicycle, having given it individual style. Flowers, stickers, spray paints and other means are used. Practically each inhabitant has a frame or the second sitting for passengers.

Though Dutches also like to ride bicycles, not everything is so iridescent. Steal these vehicles from them also often, as well as mobile phones in our country. And solvability one in one with us, almost zero - though try to look for them, but to identify it is useless. It is quite often possible to meet not absolutely sane person on the suburb of the city suggesting to buy at a bargain the bicycle. And God grant, that acquisition was not stolen from the new owner in the first five minutes. But even the police travels about by bicycles for a long time therefore to catch up with the criminal there is a chance. For this reason the lock on the bicycle costs more, than he. However Dutches do not mourn and treat losses rather philosophically.

Tourists are given too an opportunity to examine the nature of Holland not from a window of the stuffy bus, and from the leased bicycle which is simpler for hiring the soared turnip.

I think, we should adopt this wonderful tradition too, and in fine May weather to get out to a family piknichok by bicycles!