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Whether you love giving?

you Remember the famous movie with Tatyana Doronina`s participation in which she says the phrase - whether you love theater. And I will ask you about another - whether you love giving?

Here at me to giving the relation not unambiguous. I have a giving - a small lodge - a shed in which it is possible to eat, have a rest, but it is impossible to live constantly in it. And 6 hundred parts of the earth in adverse transbaikal climate. What I grow up at the dacha. I try to grow up everything, but not everything grows. Potato, cabbage, carrots, beet, various greens grows. All tasty, useful to health and without nitrates. I try to grow up tomatoes. How many efforts are necessary for this purpose, not to understand to residents of favorable areas. I put seedling in March. I dive, I feed up, I temper. Sometimes the middle of June, and it is impossible to land, there is a threat of frosts. And the seedling outgrew, was extended, it is a pity to look at it. I put also to the greenhouse, but quite often on a root tomatoes do not redden. Such affairs. With cucumbers the same trouble. Film till July and since August. Watering, weeding, all summer you stand on the dacha by the fifth point up. Sometimes hunting to spit, well its this giving, is simpler to buy. And put houses much at the working women and at not working too.

But you will arrive after work to the dacha, so in the middle of July. Birdies sing, greens, raspberry kept up and cucumbers grew and it is so good at heart.

A still is one why I do not want to give up giving in our disgusting climate. At the dacha I grow up flowers. Very much I love asters, just I adore. I spend not one hundred rubles for seeds and it is not a pity though I earn and not so much. As soon as asters blossom, I fall into such euphoria that it is ready to sing, fly, I have so many forces. Asters are special flowers. I remember in the childhood we too planted asters. But they were some unpretentious, are more similar to camomiles. And now such interesting grades. Both needle, and bichromatic and terry - beauty. The daughter at me the pragmatist, says that better I instead of flowers would put cabbage. And I plant flowers again though cabbage too. what I it write

K to. Today the first time went to the dacha, and there is so much work. I grumble, better than the house would sit on the Internet. And so I am tired at work, and health not really good. But then remembered, I have a lot of seedling of asters again, here will plant them, they will blossom. And I will become happy again. whether

you Love giving?