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What prevents to grow thin? Five popular excuses from a diet of

the Healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition begin with change of habitual behavior. Even, probably, even earlier - from making decision on such step.

Has to tell that change of habits - nearly the most complex challenge on the earth. And replacement of old eating habits by new - not an exception. That is why there are always so many excuses not to undertake itself seriously, and directly tomorrow. Well, I will try to overpersuade fans to justify in the inaction. “I like to eat

well, I just will not sustain a diet“

two important points Here. In - the first if all the time speak to itself “I cannot“, then I guarantee - you really will not be able. If the hope for a beautiful figure does not leave, then mentally repeat: “Of course, I will be able. I will gather, I will take the first step - and everything will turn out“. A positive spirit - the key to success.

In - the second who told that from the beginning of a diet your fate is cabbage leaves without oil? Nutritionists are not tired to repeat that extreme diets are unhealthy, weight easily comes back, and as a result there is only a feeling of uselessness of any attempts to grow thin. In a month it is not recommended to grow thin more than on 4 kg. It is a maximum for the ordinary person. And when the purpose not transcendental, both means of its achievement quite humane and not excluding tasty dishes.

“I like to drink in the evening a glass - another of beer. Without it it is impossible to relax after work“

Is good, we will not forbid alcohol. But we will try to be limited 2 - mya in the days a week. Thus, it is possible not to refuse the habits and to really continue to lose excess weight. Certainly, the amount of alcohol even in specially allotted days should be controlled. A glass of wine or a small bottle of beer - quite reasonable and admissible quantity.

Not less important question, than alcohol, the snack question is. If you do not think of some wine without thick piece of cheese, and beer without bag of chips - that these habits it is necessary - to refuse all. Such high-calorie “satellites“ turn small pleasure into high-calorie “bomb“.

“Every Sunday we have dinner at mother. It unsettles me, and I cannot refuse an entertainment - she takes offense“

is the truth, the loving relatives do not wish to listen that a beautiful figure - it is important for you. Their objections - “from one piece nothing will be“ and “why you need it?“. Therefore the reason to refuse mother`s pies has to be convincing.

The most certain way - to refer to health: “We want to bring the child, the doctor told that for me and future kid it will be good to dump 5 - 6 kg“, “I raised cholesterol, the doctor advised to limit fats. I do not want to repeat diseases of the uncle Tolik“. Health of the beloved child moreover supported with the magic words “the doctor forbade“ is a telling argument for any mother. And even if at the doctor you were last time three years ago, will not be slyness to refer to his opinion: you also received such councils in case of visit to policlinic.

“Many stout persons look quite happy - why I cannot be myself and enjoy life?“

you Can, you can. Only at first honestly answer a question: Whether “Everything in itself suits you?“ If it is unconditional “Yes“, then I congratulate. You can not remember diets and trainings. If you answer “Yes, but …“, then admit to yourself available problems. When excess weight prevents to enjoy life - do not wait that all to be adjusted by itself. Begin with small steps. The first victories will serve good incentives to the further movement. Especially, there is no need to grow thin to that size which you had at school. Quite perhaps, disposal of only 5 - 6 kilograms - what is necessary for entire happiness.

“My work is connected with frequent business trips. And in hotels and restaurants such food that it is impossible to keep to any diet“

It is valid, frequent trips and food in a public catering imposes certain restrictions. But at desire it is possible to find a way out of any situation. Be guided not by accurately certain set of products, and by the general principles. You always can:

to ask to replace gas station in salad from mayonnaise with sour cream;

to choose fish instead of pork;

to replace a dense garnish with vegetable salad;

not to miss a breakfast;

to replace Coca with juice or water. you still remained

U excuses? What prevents you to follow a way of weight loss - can be, and for your question there will be a simple answer?