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Why girls become prostitutes? “I do not want to go for pigs“

the Phenomenon “Shish it knows“ with taste of a kiwi - liqueur at “girls on a call“ - an exceptional case, much more often we deal with more prosy reasons. For example,

6. “I do not want to go for pigs“

As we were already convinced, not all girls who came to the panel precisely know what podvignut them on this step. But there is one hyphen which allows us to unite many and many maidens of easy behavior on a uniform sign: they are not hardworking. Therefore I would call the following reason of leaving of part of girls on the panel so: “I do not want to go for pigs“. It is possible to expand sense of this phrase. “I do not want to wash the floors“. “I do not want to sell something“. “I do not want to study and improve skills“ and so forth

A we will return to our pigs again. We had one masseur, so to speak, from the Smolensk region. Was born in the village, but at all not the ninny as thinking appeared. A hairdress always carried a little aristocratic. It collected all hair up and stacked a fancy bunch on the top. Black dense eyebrows bordered wide, dark as olives, eyes. That is she did not resemble the provincial bumpkin at all. Liked to read. And here pigs not really - that favored though her mother in the village had a shed. From where information? And liqueurs on what!

Somehow behind joint drinking of alcoholic drinks, the same liqueurs (how many these sweet alcoholic drinks were drunk! And as nothing and anywhere at us stuck together then...) the native of Smolensk region blabbed out about a shed and pigs. Mother forced the girl “to go“ for pigs (that is to look after). I asked: “And what here bad?“ In the city housing and communal services look after purity of streets. Citizens watch the cars. It is quite logical that objects of care in the village are geese, hens, rabbits and, of course, cows and pigs. Including - pigs!

I to the shame also did not understand at once about what pigs there is a speech. Therefore asked the specifying question whether it means by the phrase “go for pigs“ of the little family of the brother and the sister? But, having had a look at a look of the interlocutor, I shook the intoxicated head and understood that I talked nonsense nonsense. The girl really meant ordinary pigs. I thought that it was forced to look after the little sister and the brother.

I understood from our conversation that the rural yard, the village, roosters, hens bothered it, low of cows, manure everywhere and need to look after pigs. And still - boredom. The rural girl wanted Moscow, its infinite noise, asphalt, restaurants and bars, theaters and cinema, shops where sell magnificent ladies` handbags. She had a strong soft corner in the heart for the last and changed them very often, as a result it gathered the whole collection of these leather objects.

And the most important - in Moscow she did not see so unloved it live pigs! That which squall grunt and like to eat. She wants to drink beautiful drinks, but not smelly moonshine. This can be understood: liqueur and champagne more suit a thin female organism, than odorous pervach. Has to recognize that this girl from Smolensk region received what she dreamed of in Moscow.

Strangely enough, almost all wishes of the Cinderella from the Smolensk village were executed. She and in eyes did not see pigs on streets of the capital, almost forgot a manure smell. On her legs instead of gumboots with galoshes elegant shoes, barefoot persons, high leather jack boots sparkled. She longed for motley handbags - and now had their whole chain in a wardrobe. She wished to stamp on asphalt, but not on a rural indistinct footpath, and in the capital its heels knocked only on it. She forgot aroma of provincial moonshine that breaks through any stuffy nose, and learned in White stone ten of shades of taste of viscous liqueur from figured bottles. Soaked up tart “Martini“ through a straw in bars and restaurants.

Exactly here, in heart of the huge megalopolis, but not in the village, men - waiters gallantly, hands in white gloves poured the playful, sparkling on light champagne in its high glass. Under the Moscow sky it began to go often to theaters, on exhibitions and even several times was in the museums. The girl of good western cinema and McDonald`s did not avoid. That is almost all her small dreams came true. Yes, it is probable, all small dreams of any prostitute will come true. A question in the price. What you will pay in, madam? Answer one: body. But it is not necessary “to go for pigs“.

7. Masochism

Is one more very exotic reason why the girl can move the feet on the panel. I, will honestly tell, did not meet such copies. But one of our masseurs by the name of Tanya, is from the small town in Ukraine, somehow saw bruises on a body of our worker (her client pinched). Tatyana remembered that when she practiced in Kiev earlier, they had in a brothel a strange person who loved when clients hurt her. Masochist. Paid the last at the highest rate! It had the, accurately created circle of difficult clients.

As you can see, the most interesting girls and women sometimes go to work to doubtful fields of activity! Here it is necessary to clear whom I carried on clients. Masseurs. That is, girls who massed convex parts of a male body. Or those parts of a body which became convex as a result of massage. You of what thought?

I will answer evasively. Paunch, for example. Speak if at massage properly to shake up it, as dough, then it will rise approximately as well as dough for fritters. Here so our girls the fritters - palms (warm, ruddy) also worked. If the client finished the girl on something bigger, than massage, then sexual contact on special, only to them to the known rates took place.

But we are interested the reasons of leaving of girls on the panel, and the main conclusion the reader will find in final part of article.