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The one who is not at war

the Exit from the deadlock

wins the one who is not at war Wins.

Quickly to get out of an impasse, it is necessary to change the internal attitude towards her.

the Deadlock on our way is first of all the deadlock in our subconsciousness, and an external obstacle - only a projection. Therefore if we radically change the perception to reality, then and the impasse by itself will leave.

Panic is an instant loss, do not forget about it. Intensity always makes mistakes, concentration finds wise ways of their overcoming.

Is many ways of an exit from a depression.

But I want to offer you that I personally not once tried on myself. All these methods certainly will help someone still. there is no

If, look for the unique way. Because the unique problem - requires the unique solution.

So, method First.

Solomon`s Truth.

One of the wisest people whose history is described in the Old Testament of the Scripture, had a ring which he never left. The inscription from outer side on it said “It will pass“, and with internal “And it will pass too“. Any time this installation helped out it. It will help out and you. As soon as you faced

a serious problem, always remember that life does not stop, everything flows, everything changes, and sooner or later there will pass also your problem. To all the end always comes. And your critical situation too. Understand

, today - only a stage on your infinite course of life. Think that your problem terrible and awful in your opinion means to eternity? For the Universe? Only instant! Mote! Whether so costs from - for it so to worry and cook in otravny juice of problems and offenses, drawing this “mote“ from yours in yours “yesterday“ “today“. There will pass some time, and this problem will lose the importance. Present that this moment already came also your problem only - vanity!

, How many past problems which then seemed frightening and ominous, today`s eyes only small adventures? And how many from - for them it was broken excess arrows, it is made unnecessary steps, lived heart-breaking torments?!

the Purpose of similar reflections - to achieve quieter perception of the events.

as a result, you learn to watch a problem situation from outside, without panicing, without drawing hasty conclusions and, thereby, without making a set of precipitate mistakes.

This method has to inspire in you very simple truth - having appeared in impasses - do not get bad into the head (and heavy in hands!)

will pass Everything!

Because an exit is always.

at the end of any, even the most dark, the tunnel surely lights up light. An impasse - only the next milestone on your course of life.

you Remember a saying - there is no harm without good. There can be your today`s deadlock is just gate in something light and fine.

Most likely!