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How to write article for the Internet?

Article for the Internet are information which you want to tell users, having published it on the website, in the blog or in a forum.

Therefore, in - the first , your article has to be informative. Behind information people come to the Internet. And it means - what you report in the article, has to interest your guests. Only in this case your article in the Internet will be found and read.

Can interest the facts reported by you (“How to earn one million dollars?“, “What is a kunniling?“, “When Galkin marries Pugacheva?“). Also the new view on a subject known already can interest (whether “Marijuana is so dangerous?“, “to Grow thin. And whether costs?“). Eventually, also submission of information can be interesting (“Love three together: he, she and is the TV“)

A here that now bad weather, you did not sleep or not quite sobered up after yesterday`s, it is not interesting to general public to read. If you decided to conduct the Internet - the diary of a condition of the organism, do not forget: practically in any blog there are means to make records visible only for the author. Besides, do not forget about elementary care. Reasonings on what your darling / darling in a bed, the world will hardly interest. Your partner can appear the only reader of all this stream of consciousness. I do not know whether your revelations will please it.

In - the second , articles on the Internet have to be short . Not because brevity - the sister of talent. But because it is the law of a genre. The Internet user is impatient. He got used to read not heads, not pages, and screens. Here within one screen you also have to give it all important information. Not that your reader will leave.

State-of-the-art reviews on the Internet on any subject is absolutely other genre, than article. And the Internet - the observer has to possess absolutely other qualities, than the Internet - the writer.

The third precept the Internet - the writer: write more simply , and people to you will stretch. Will stretch and will read what you wrote. Therefore - instead of one compound sentence it is better to write three simple. Any floridities, any so-called prettiness. And upas you my God from participial and verbal adverb phrases! Forget as well about verbal nouns. They normally look in English, but do the Russian offer long and clumsy.

The Internet - the reader did not get used to rest a thoughtful look against the screen. He will not reflect the whole minute that he wanted to tell him the great Internet - the writer. Your information has to be clear at once. From the Russian classics the best the Internet - writers would turn out from Pushkin and Lermontov whose prose is similar to a joke, is short and prompt. The worst - from Tolstoy and Turgenev (long offers, unnecessary beauty, viscous descriptions of the nature).

And at last, write competently . The native language should be loved and respected. Do not hope that your “mistakes“ will be accepted by readers with an indulgent smile. Most of my (competent) acquaintances hate the texts written in “Albanian“. (“Preved, medical Veda!“) They consider this idea not as a trick, and attempt to hide elementary ignorance of Russian and the Russian grammar. I in it absolutely agree with them.

Especially as now competent to be absolutely simple. Spell checkers and punctuations, spellcheker are built in word-processors. As a last resort, ask the help for more competent companions or employ the proofreader.

Everything is clear? Then forward! Also I wish success in hard work the Internet - the writer.