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Whether it is possible to become richer with power of thought?

do not trust the modern magicians claiming that for possession of a certain sum itself should imagine that you already have it. Or rather, trust only half. It is necessary to imagine, but not money. And even not that you want to buy on them. It is the best of all to visualize process which will allow you to achieve the objectives.

The dream is an imagination. And it and will remain unreal if you just dream. Reality such is that the probability to come into a big prize or a fortune, of course, exists. Each of us could break a jack pot if lived forever. But our life is limited and for getting of money it is necessary to use more real ways of enrichment.

Perhaps, you earn a little as you wait for a miracle? It is easy to correct it. It is possible to wait for a miracle and it is even necessary. But at the same time you should not limit the life to a framework of the stable, but small income. Make the plan as this income to increase. And here imagine details of this plan in all beauty, scrolling successful options of actions in the head.

Athletes - champions act this way. Do not represent themselves at pedestal top, bent from medals at once, and rehearse the performance in mind, perfect each detail of game or own actions in it. Here that “visualization of success“ means actually. You want new work? Rehearse search of vacancies, then mentally train in interview and, at last, realize the visualization!

Now it is a high time to remember your conversation with money. Well what they told you? They consider that you receive exactly so much how many it is worthy? Share the plans with money. Tell them that you want to see other countries, to get additional education, to open new business. It is noticed that with growth and development of the human person in it new requirements appear. Accept the new requirements with pleasure as a development symbol, but not as an additional source of expenses. However, here it is worth mentioning that alcoholism, drug addiction and passion to gamblings are not requirements, but psychiatric diseases.

If you invest money in the development, they come back with percent. And, it is unimportant that you develop - the professionalism, business or the relations in own family. Education is an investment in development. Opening of own business or transition to more highly paid work is development too. Even purchase of the new car is a development if it allows to save time, gasoline and money for a taxi. The main thing to realize sure and indirect gains from own actions and expenditure.

Find for yourself several minutes of free time and enclose it in the development. List the main expenditure on a sheet of paper in one column. Near each point write why these expenditure you develop. For example, opposite to the “ring with diamond in 4 carats“ point it is possible to write: “It develops in me sense of beauty“. If to carry out this exercise every time when it seems what is spent superfluous, it will bring continuous benefit. Sometimes impulsive purchases really take place. In this case it is worth thinking who and as managed to persuade to play you “in others gate“. And next time to choose - whether to pay off from the persuasive seller of goods and services with own money or to cultivate in itself self-respect. As to cultivate it, it was written above. Put in development. Recalculate cash … more often

Unfortunately or fortunately, the universal recipe of financial happiness does not exist. To here take crisis, for example. People lose money, work, confidence. But also at this time there are those who perceive a new situation with pleasure and passion. Lost work? Wow! At last I will be engaged in what to me was always to liking! For certain many remember the American programmer who before crisis worked in firm on production of video games. He went to the severance pay and own savings over the countries which he did not see earlier. In each big city Matt dances and removes it on video. Quite nasty dances, but it is sincere and joyful. Thanks to it Matt became so popular that his idea of “wild dances“ was used in advertizing. Of course, in a roller Matt in a leading role of himself acted.

Sometimes people get rid of surplus of money specially. According to many psychological theories, the person tests more pleasure not when receives something from the world and when it is itself can give to this world something. Freud considered that it from the childhood goes. Like, mother very much rejoiced, clapped and forced to be proud of you the father when in a magic pot there was what mother very much - very much from you waited for. Then mother ceased to rejoice to a pot and it was necessary to learn to do in kindergarten tulips of color paper. So further also went - to rejoice not alone, it in much more pleasantly - the first. And to please others and itself, it is necessary “to tear off“ something from itself is in - the second. From this point of view we have to feel much more pleasures when we leave money gratuitously. That is for nothing.

Charity brings to some much more than pleasure, than purchase of the new car. And the act of donation pleases more, than shopping. Though it can find an explanation and not according to Freud. If you do not feel need - you have a prosperity. If you share something, surplus means at you it. If you have a sincere desire to make gifts to others and there is such opportunity - you are rich. Regardless of that how many you stand …