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How many you stand and why you do not ask more?

Not in money happiness, happiness in their quantity. You still hold this opinion? Correctly you do. However paradox that happiness does not submit to dependence “more money - more pleasure“. Each person has the sum of the income below which he does not think of the existence.

But that the most surprising, is also the upper bound of welfare. If the income sharply exceeds it, sufferings, throwings, searches of meaning of life and the general dissatisfaction begin. Sad examples of many, won in a lottery, but not managed to dispose of money and own new life are well-known. If you only dream to appear on the place of lucky or cherish secret plans to earn the first million, time to learn whether you are ready to it came.

If you read this article and understand in it practically all words, most likely, either you, or your parents were born in the interesting country under the name USSR. It was the unique country in which there was no sex and money. That is, of course, it is a lie. In the country of victorious socialism there was both money, and sex. But citizens of the country were persistently convinced that to be to the rich or to have success in an opposite sex - it is dirty and vile. And, eventually, convinced.

These beliefs pass from father to son. Each family lives under some laws, in everyone there is the, special relation to money. These “monetary concepts“ so grew to the personality what to make out them happens very difficult even to assistance. However they often influence our relations with money.

I told “the relations with money“? It seems that in my family to money treated as living beings, entering with them the relations. “Money came“, “money left“, “finance sings romances“. Here, by the way, one of ways to learn, who in your relations main. Who whom operates - you money or they you? Or perhaps you have a mutually advantageous partnership? Or mutual love?

Take a sheet of paper and write down the statements with the word “money“. How you most often speak about them? In what expressions? Already in the course of record you will obtain the mass of information for reflections. What to do with this information? Read further. Oscar Wilde told

“Once when I was young, I thought that money is the most important in life. When I grew old, I was convinced that so it also is“. In our society money became almost an equivalent of personal success. Long ago it is noticed that they strongly influence a self-assessment. It would seem, logically. Than it is more at you money, subjects there are more opportunities. The more opportunities, the there are more chances to realize themselves as the personality. But also here not everything is so simple. How to explain, for example, the fact that … sellers of retail goods and cashiers often have high self-esteem? The salary at them not the highest, and here self-conceit often reads off scale to heaven.

The American scientists made experiment - measured pressure, pulse and electric resilience of skin at people during thoughtful recounting of banknotes. It turned out that all indicators return to normal in 2 - 3 minute of such pleasant occupation. Good news for suffering allergy to cats. Now, when you have tension and a stress, it is possible to count money instead of ironing the fading animal.

Scientists went further and suggested examinees to take hands in very hot water until it is possible. At first measured time before calculation of bank notes. And potomponablyudat as examinees react later. Practically everything, having taken big money in hands, were ready to cook voluntarily for the whole 30 percent of time longer. Whether sensitivity to pain decreased, whether will power increased, scientists still should understand it. Perhaps, water just cooled down.

The main conclusion - ordinary pieces of paper with the figures written on them are capable to influence corporal feelings one look. Cashiers and sellers, through whose hands there passes in day the mass of cash, can feel as masters of the Universe. At the same time more than wealthy people with quite impressive bank accounts often feel like the disadvantaged, especially, when in their life the clearing settlement prevails.

That sheet of paper on which your statements about money were written, it is with you? Move it to yourself closer and get a purse, a jug, to bank, a stocking... Generally, raise the money and count. Accurately put notes in ascending order, put near yourself and imagine for a minute that money could speak. Nonsense, of course. But now nobody sees you. Nobody learns, than you are engaged now, except you and your money. Write down on paper that would tell about you your money. Try not to filter the emerging thoughts. What they see you? It is pleasant to them how you treat them? What would they want to change in your relations?

After you finish exercise, count notes once again. Even if the thought did not manage “to talk“, on behalf of money to money did not go to the head, all the same useful effect of occupation is gained: level of a stress became lower, and your self-assessment is higher. Mentally thank for it the money. Practice calculation of cash more often and just observe what from this will leave. Can turn out

that at all your conscious aspiration to money, money does not aspire to you. The more you think of them and of how to earn them, the it is less than time and remains to energy on that being engaged in business. Do not trust books in which it is written “If you very much want something, only imagine it properly and you will have everything“. Otherwise it will turn out as in a joke:

The man caught a goldfish, and she also begged: - Release

, the man. I will grant for it any your desire. But only one!

Reflected the man, scratched a nape, blinked and blurted out:

- I Want that I had everything!

- is good, - the small fish sadly sighed. - Man! You HAD everything!
the Imagined feeling of achievement is so pleasant to

in itself that further already and there is no wish to strain to receive experience of success in reality. The brain already received a signal that at it “everything was“ and lost interest in implementation of the plan conducting to the purpose.

However to connect imagination at achievement of any purposes including financial, very and it is very useful. Throughout article it is told how when and why it to do.