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In the Greek hall, in the Greek hall

If you incidentally catch and you will get sick with love to theater, then it already until the end of life incurable. In A. Raikin`s theater the worker of a scene urgently was required: in two days opening of tours in Moscow, and purely incidentally offered me this position: trips around the country and abroad, after three evening performances - two days off: health of the chief should be protected, the salary is more than at the engineer. On a scene only of the opened Concert Hall “Russia“ to our theater to debut with the new program. Accommodation in the hotel of the same name nearby, and to us, five healthy guys to change scenic scenery: two tables four chairs: for the status the State Theatre was required staff more than 30 people.

Oh, times! Oh, customs! The Master of the Soviet Satire approached me (and we one growth - I made discovery). Odette it was in jeans and a thin sweater, and the head of hear from a thick gray hair was combed back: “You our new worker? What is your name?“ I briefly told the name, and for some reason added: “And I am Isaakovich too“. A. Raikin pleasantly smiled and left on the affairs. In troupe of actors there was an old man with a type role: “To eat it is given!“, from inaction it eternally in everything climbed and spoiled more. As the youngest, it took me “under the guardianship“. Operated the scenes of the main curtain manually (so quicker) and the dumped huge cloths (on 150 kg) it was necessary to take a couple of minutes, waves - this work will not cease yet and the old man charged to me. Nervousness before each performance, and here - a debut! Everywhere - and as without them - that is “art critics in plain clothes“. In a government box - to whom also E. Furtseva with suite, in the hall the television, guests “from the countries of the rotting capitalism“ is necessary (sho and to us to decay!) . In the second action at the end of one of miniatures the curtain falls, I silently (the soft footwear for all is obligatory) run up and already as the professional I am taken by the edges of the scenes, but fabric escapes from hands and the curtain rises! The hall applauds actors led by the chief director, and in the center of the lit scene I with the raised hands: “Oh, heaven! Return me my curtain!“ The old man did not warn me that only in this miniature the curtain is lowered - lift - lower! To the old man - that, of course, got from the chief.

Oh, this unforgettable smell of the scenes, grumble of the spectator hall, rustle of a curtain! In make-up rooms and corridors sounds from a loud-speaker: “Attention, I give the first call“ - it a half of the viewers took the places. With the second call five-minute readiness appears. The third call - behind the scenes everything fades: even you feel how you slow down breath and pulse. The orchestra executes the overture and three blows in plates - it is a signal for raising of a curtain. Behind the scenes teams in “look language“ In 18 years are given I was sure that the success of a performance in many respects depends on how I will put a chair! When from a scene the voice Most sounded - all of us faded - we idolized it! At the normal person it will raise a smile, but we - that were - ABNORMAL! It was possible to admire hours Arkady Isaakovich`s work: so he was a talented actor, the exacting head, the great teacher! We it is better than others knew that our idol happened to test and perceived it as “own pain“. At once the scene had a couch on which medical care and at everyone who passed by it was provided to it more than once, pressed in a breast. During infrequent rehearsals I stayed in some euphoria when actors without make-up and just talked on abstract subjects, joked, improvised and - the actor already “got into the role“: it already not here - and there, for it there are only a voice of the chief director now, his partners and the text. A. Raikin worked without feeling sorry for himself and I perceived it as: “look as I work and if you want to be in my team, then work with the same return“. I store the book with a donative inscription: “To Sasha Lepler for memory of work in theater A. Raikin“. And as it was helped with work by the spouse Ruf Markovna Roma! Talented, witty, erudite - said that she is a coauthor of some monologues. Romochka - all of us so called her - perfectly supplemented work of the Master and was always able to create all festive mood - all of us strongly loved it! Soul of troupe! Kostya (and then still he was just Kostya) is very similar to the mother.

To Byldo me in theater the worker of a scene who came with actors for bow at the end of a performance, bowing aside. On tours he met girls, being represented by the honored worker of arts, offered them roles in theater and cinema, seated them in the auditorium, and before the performance approached with apologies, for what instead of it will be played today in a performance by the trainee, but on bow it, of course, will force to leave. Said that there was a case when A. Raikin faltered from the fact that something was dropped behind the scenes and guilty received then good slap in the face from the boss. With the admission in a concert hall I was a frequenter of many concerts, and performances behind the scenes are in a different way perceived. Workers of theaters is a perennial spring of all gossips about actors. For complimentary tickets our new hotel room became on the top floor overlooking the Kremlin and Red Square, here I only did not consider that a chiming clock beats very loudly, day and night and through everyone a quarter of hour, and a window you will not close - the neighbor the smoker. And nearly 40 years at a sound of a chiming clock I always with pleasure remember theater, tours and the bad word Spasskaya Tower from it “...“ for hours!

PS did not allow to Stand on a scene with the raised hands before the audience - managed to hail!