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Ah, Odessa!

(sentimental story)

“Ah, Odessa, city of youth crazy! Where I walked with a raskudryavy beard“ - I will write later in the poem. In the city where there were no twenty three years, I wandered about old familiar small streets and remembered events of those of years. In 22 years, I was an employee of service of supply and sale of weaving mill moreover opposite to my hostel there lived in same tramvayshchik, to be exact - tramvayshchitsa! Having waited at a stop the tram with the driver of my age, I rose in the car and approached a cabin. Listing names and surnames of her colleagues, she told me about their destinies. Having enjoyed foot walks for couple of days, I entered under the arches of the man`s monastery. The priest approached us with the workmate and asked to paint an altar churches to Peresypi: “There the crew of women - painters works, and they cannot go there“. In church the painter approached me: “I recognized you“ - “You were mistaken. I lived in Odessa, but it was many years ago“ - “Those years you looked after my friend from weaving mill“ Oh, memory! Fleeting events in details and details pushed aside that with which we were on friendly terms year!

Once I in the hostel was stopped by the commandant: “In the Red Corner the journalist carries out debate, attendees are necessary“. Without listening to the leader, I did not like his diction, and even without having taken an interest in the discussed subject, I, after a party with friends, “incurred the“ until at “the knight of a feather“ the film in a dictophone ended. In three days my monologue was published in the Evening Odessa newspaper under the heading “Dissonance“ - about a family and marriage. The same article under the heading “That the Family Was Stronger“ was reprinted by the factory limited newspaper “Dzhutarka“ with a note that their employee tests on a journalistic field, will wish it success! I was reached by hearing that weavers rewrote this article. In shop of factory I approached the neighbor in the hostel with some question and in passing took an interest in the thin weaver - the Moldavian who detained on me a look. Reckoning on it, he told of its “inaccessibility“. On what I to it threw: “Give - to me this “unapproachable fortress here!“ also approached its machine. I came to work in a strict suit and a tie, irritating with that the careless boss. By the way about ties - I the first in school, in a class the sixth, replaced a pioneer tie. Having listened to reprimand on council of a team, the pioneer badge got from a pocket, fastened on a lapel of a jacket and gave salute: “It is always ready!“ I was presented to the girl by the journalist of the factory newspaper who prepares article about weavers in “a threshold of the next political holiday“ and would like “to interview it“ after work. I met her specially in full view of all girlfriends near a checkpoint, having stretched a bouquet of flowers, shocking with gallantry the rural eighteen-year-old little girl in a print dress and in a kerchief. There was a trick! But, alas, time showed the return that it was the winner - that, and I am the party the victim! That evening I knew that Nadia who early was deserted was raised by the neigbour having many children in the Moldavian village and, recently having arrived to Odessa, Nadia came to factory. The destiny did not give me the younger little sister, so I will create it to myself especially as in others city related feelings are not demanded. We met about a year and nearly an every evening. The cultural program was saturated: “the factory girl“ learned to lean beautifully on a hand of the satellite at an exit from transport, to gracefully put on the stretched coat, distinguished architectural styles of old part of the city, was acquainted with the Odessa toponymics - the name of streets and their history and could already discuss with me acting in theater of the musical comedy. My Galatea turned into a beautiful swan! She often remembered incidentally heard words of my friend: “That weaver too Nadia was called?“ It was pleasant to it that the fairy tale became a reality! She knew that me after recent divorce to marry was already not so - that easy. Being going on vacation to the native village, Nadia knew that having returned, I in Odessa will not be any more. I responded to three of her letters with a card - more letters were not. And after so many years, finding free time between obedience and service in the temple, I hit on searches of “my younger little sister“. From old residents in the hostel - anybody. The factory is closed long ago. Somehow managed to find the personnel officer who of archive reported its new surname, passport data and about the decree. On a call to Nadezhda Nikolaevna`s door nobody opened - time was working, but in the evening from the left note she learned that the former fellow worker, in its city in transit from St. Petersburg. To a meeting I learned that the spouse was a fan to drink and quite often raised a hand against members of household, and fell from the construction woods eight years ago and the disabled person earned additionally the watchman in kindergarten. Nadezhda educated 19 - the summer daughter - the copy, and pulled a family, trading in the pavilion in the market in confectionery.

Removing points, I told: “Without points you recognize me quicker“ - “And I recognized you still wearing spectacles and is happy the fact that I at last can tell you thanks for the best period in my life!“ She offered an entertainment: candies. “As earlier!? When one of us held candy with lips, and another - bit off!? You remember?“ - “I forgot nothing! In a family album at first your photos and already then wedding, children`s, family. It because you mean in my life very much! The husband rowed, but I insisted. You do not even guess as I lacked you in life!“ - “My Galatea, I arrived! Give, push luck!“ I could not expect such reaction from it in any way, she almost cried: “It is told me by you!? My chief teacher! Unless you taught me to it!?“ - “Nadia! For 23 years life exchanged, textbooks were rewritten!“

At the next meeting was her daughter. We met the eyes, and - at it there came shock! On her happiness, Nadia incidentally got up between us. When the girl departed from shock, I noticed how her hands shiver - she worried about a family, about the father! I lost the head from - for the married woman! Began to watch for it at an entrance! The employed photographer made a pack of pictures. For several sleepless nights I devoted it the poem, still only at me, (no, not “Eugene Onegin - 2“) on what Nadia told: “I do not love verses - you did not impart to me love to them, were not in time“ I left the arches of the monastery and opened “the business“ - now I had the pass Nadezhda printing house (the experience gained in the Far East was useful), the income from which blocked an annual salary of the Nadiny family - “as a bull a sheep“! Nadia did not want itself and did not allow the daughter to work for me even for a fantastic salary! I had no right to come to them on a visit. In the last day, having left in the pavilion, allegedly for a couple of hours, a bag with a gift and the farewell letter, I left Odessa. And fortress - that was unapproachable! And, being expressed by military terminology: after several months of a siege of fortifications, the defeated party retired from a battlefield! I sent two old Odessa newspapers which stored so many years by mail to the familiar address.

In 9 years I began to look for Nadina the daughter on the Internet. Learned numbers of all schools in the Settlement Kotovsk and began to look for among pupils Anna 1980 of year of birth. I did not know its surname. My searches were crowned with success - found! I began from far away: for conspiracy replaced a surname in “Schoolmates“ and instead of the photo placed the picture - Red Kot. And already when we adjusted correspondence and before to show to Anna (about her mother) I it asked the story “Ah, Odessa“: “And you know with whom you correspond?“ - “Yes unless you will forget you!?“