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Our brothers smaller

“I leave, and you - remain for the owner“ - the relative told me, giving economy: I will melt from seven chickens and two roosters. In the first evening I invite wards in a hen house: “Tsyp, tsyp, tsyp!“ And they do not go - are afraid of the stranger! I to neighbors - what to do!? “And you sometime chickens - that saw?“ - “Certainly! On two rubles eighty kopeks domestic, on three rubles import, chickens on ruble seventy five and boilers on ruble five kopeks!“ In the first night of a chicken slept in a garden on trees as once their ancestors. Without having got advice, I decided to act in own way: that for hens not to be a stranger - they should be tamed that they obeyed me - they should be trained, for training - they should give nicknames. “Wons that chicken at them - the leader! She was their brood hen“ - the neigbour prompted to me. Chicken - the Leader had red plumage and important gait. Zolotko - I gave her a nickname, - and I will begin that with you! Fortunately, hens were not savages, and it was pleasant to peck corn from a hand to them more, than to dig paws in the earth. Black with a bright crest - Carmen, white - the Snow White, gray - the Hare etc. Called roosters: Petrusha and Pavlush. Who thought up expression “birdbrain“!? These clever birds possessed good memory, and even, surprisingly all neighbors, reacted to the nicknames, executing simple commands and being promoted for it! One of them found an opening in a fence and brought all pack into a kitchen garden. Next day I patched a hole, but they came to this place some more days in a row! Other chicken suddenly began to limp. Couple of days it was on a privileged position: the strengthened food and guardianship for my part. Several months after that as soon as it appears in the field of my visibility, she feigned lameness! Yes so skillfully did it! “Do not love“ a chicken vorobyyov - rush on them as if kites! Courtings of a rooster: he finds grain and begins “to play“ with it - a beak throws, hops, makes sounds, strenuously klyuyot nearby - creating a look that there is a lot of grains - hens begin to run together to it from all directions. All day they peck something, and the rooster protects the harem - warns about the coming danger: stray dog or feathery predator. Hens at midday doze in a shadow - the rooster is awake! Gives the found grains to a thicket, itself eats a little. Can take away chicken and a neighbour`s rooster, she can even remain to spend the night there. But having returned to a native hen house, it will be beaten by the rooster! The first song at roosters in the mornings at the same time. Checked several times - the error made no more than three - five minutes! At a rooster two songs: in the forenoon - one, in the afternoon - another. Somehow made calculation: chicken in a month eats for 2 thousand rubles, and eggs gives - for 12 thousand rubles (that money)! Rechecked: - very highly profitable business! “I will not be able to eat the chickens“ - I told the neigbour once. “You are not lonely. My acquaintance, in such situation, changes the chicken on others“