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At the bottom of life of

Why I appeared in Sochi without documents, without money and where went - a subject special and not now. In militia declared: “In your market just stole a wallet with money and documents from me!“ The officer on the form of the Adler District Department of the Interior printed:

“We Ask to render auditing structure and chiefs of passenger trains

assistance in journey to the citizen, called …. from his words living … as to the person which appeared in an extreme situation: money and documents are stolen from it“.

On Sunday the office of the District Department of the Interior was closed, and the round stamp to me was set in Linear Department of Militia to stations Adler. Having taken in the next booth cellophane from the block of cigarettes, I wrapped up the reference, without knowing yet that one and a half years it will be my one and only document. I “entered“ Abkhazia, naturally, having crossed the river. On the bank of the unrecognized republic two guys with automatic machines approached me: “Well! You, uncle, and lucky! Our coast - that is is mined!“ In a week at the check point: “I you will let out that and if Russian do not pass - I will not let in that back!“ - the frontier guard told. “I will live on the bridge!“ - I answered.

In several days in the town of Gonio in the south of Georgia I got acquainted not only with a fortress, but also with PTDC of the Department of Internal Affairs of Batumi where I was brought from the Turkish border in the car with submachine gunners at four o`clock in the morning! “Came to look at a fortress, went down to the sea, it was bought and on the beach - fell asleep! I wake up, darkness around (year 1995 - in Georgia a problem with electricity). I also went towards the shining city - from where to me know that there - Turkey!?“ Despite existence of free chambers, I was settled to two young people - that the prison honey did not seem! The chamber was well-known that prisoners made escape, having sorted a wall laying!

The seminarist bought the self-made gun and told someone. Militia - a consequence - court. “For what you bought it!?“ - “Times became heavy!“ “I made something not so?“ - he asked me - “You mixed court with pioneer meeting! The unfamiliar guy borrowed from you money and as pledge, gave this subject. There was a receipt and data of the guy, but after your frisk - horse-radish of what will be found!“ Other cellmate suffered from the mistress: without having received the royalties, she wrote the application for rape. Guys local also received on several transfers in day. The door of a chamber opened when the administration left.

From my giving, we began to call ourselves “passengers of the train with different stations of destination“. The chief of the Department of Internal Affairs - the driver, is lucky there where the dispatcher - the prosecutor will specify! A control room - a compartment of the conductor: will wake and will lift - nobody will pass the station! Soon the fellow traveler sat down in our compartment - the Russian little man broke a stool about the drunk lover of the daughter and that complained in militia. Dreamed at night that I am interrogated by someone from acquaintances. In three days days off ended, and brought me on conversation with the representative of omnipotent department. The dream appeared “in a hand“! Not I to it, but it told me about the study in the Leningrad HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, remembered saunas, pubs, dance pavilions and dormitories. “Driver“ with the deputy, as the translator came into the same evening “in our compartment“: “You are free, but it is raining, and you can remain till here the morning“

After ten days in the receiver - the distributor the reference a form 9, and in 2 months - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation is issued. Nakhodka in the Far East in the next chambers contained persons under investigation and women. Into the dining room we were brought together. In ours 20 - meter “hut“ there were bunk iron beds on 8 people. “I in the questionnaire deceived them - is guilty before the Law! - the young cellmate speaks to me - the Answer will not come - the passport will not be issued?“ “Correct nothing now, - I advise it - In other city you will tell: the refugee - from there answers will not come from a hot spot! Where it is not quiet? In Tskhinvali! Here also think up: Aliyev, the name, Sadovaya Street, private house!“ Works were performed on penal parking: taught to open the car for several seconds, to switch-off the alarm system and to start the engine! Behind the territory of PTDC directed to works only me.

At the city administrations there are institutions which the people nicknamed “doss houses“. It happened to get acquainted to me with its inhabitants: the refugees, fire victims deceived at purchase and sale of housing and simply, who arrived to the unfamiliar city to try the luck. Any including without documents could spend the night there. Three quarters of inhabitants were from “places of detention“. During absence they lost a living space, the relatives renounced them. “Employers“ gathered to dig up a kitchen garden, to prepare firewood, to clean construction debris, etc. “Virtues“ had standard quotations: noodles pack, tea pack, pack of cigarettes and money chervonets. Whether “There is a lot of, to you to bums, it is necessary!?“ In the first morning one hailed me: “Hey! I hire you!“ - “You mixed something - I will never dress such style!“ Having questioned locals, I appeared among sites of cottage building on the coast of the Sea of Japan. The competition - it is softly told! There was already a war for a place in the sun! Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese and on them similar. From all CIS and local. I played on elementary “human greed“ “the Owner! My quotations do not differ from the others, and here conditions - special: you will tell that my work was not pleasant, I will not take from you money!“ Having built thus “stock of orders“, in the evening in a doss house I made the statement: “I need builders, but I lay down two conditions: I dismiss for a shot of alcohol at once! I tell it at witnesses that then was not: did not hear, did not speak etc. And the second: at whom was 146 - I am (theft), - not to work with it for me! I under this article - the victim!“ - “Petersburg! Well, you that, in nature! It not we you!“ - “Who - bread of cops!“

Each crew after two hours of works, passed to the following object. Customers should be “held“, I recruited subcontractors and mediated. For the second day on one of objects approached on an abrupt wheelbarrow: “You took those objects with which owners we conduct negotiations long ago. Badly you do! “ Having promised that the question will be solved soon, I in a doss house approached in the evening to stayed “chervonets“ on 102 - y: “Are necessary to me still same as you. You should not build!“

“As a laying is laid out, it is pleasant? If “yes“ pay that for volume and if “no“ - that it is sorted“ - I say to customers. “It is pleasant, work further, calculation then“ - “Calculation - daily!“ - “And I can terminate with you the relations and invite others“. They did not know that since recent time “others“ began to avoid “my objects“.

For accommodation in a doss house it was necessary “to fulfill“ at Nursing homes, Orphanages, etc. Once, in one of such places, I saw a piano, approached and began to play something. The director approached: “And - that you are not similar to the bum! “ - “Promise that tell nobody, I am a writer - the playwright, I write the play about bums“ its reaction was as if before it a celebrity! “You are a writer - the playwright! What is your surname? In what theaters put your plays?“ - “I subscribe under different surnames“