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The Mother Superior Serafima of

In the monastery, as in army: The charter is uniform, and orders - in everyone the. On the picturesque coast of Dniester the mountains covered with the wood form a huge bowl. Two Orthodox churches and several cases around light-the cornflower-blue lake successfully fitted into this landscape - the nature as if preserves monastery of brides Christoff against the outside world. The internal list of the temple is unique: you are lit from all directions, and around the easy twilight. It paints are picked so up and light windows are made. Boasting - a sin, but I stopped in more than thirty orthodox monasteries, and more did not see it anywhere! The curative source with very tasty water feeds the lake, and over a surface of the water - the platform with bells: a ring, being reflected from water, sounds of body leaves upward. It can be heard only in this monastery! “You for the first time in Moldova and in the first day came to us! How you learned about us?“ - the mother superior asked me. “The priest told about a list of the temple and how to reach. They with the mother were here yesterday“ - “It was his mother!? And I thought that she is his mother!“ - she said emotionally with pleasant it is southern - the Ukrainian accent, her long dense eyelashes covered large cornflower-blue eyes, and she carried a thick plait from a thick fair hair on a shoulder. Gentle features, it was similar to Venus from the known picture of Botticelli. Later I learned that in youth at it everything was ready to a wedding, but the groom from Afghanistan was brought in “a black tulip“ by Vdovaya the bride renounced wordly life and went to the monastery.

In a cell us was three: knife scars and prison headdresses on a body Vitka spoke about his rough youth. And the young sluggish guy, waddlingly and a constitution similar to a bear - so we also nicknamed him gait! Behind a monastic fencing there was a kitchen garden which was protected at night. Someone played a trick on the Bear that dead men come from a cemetery to a tent - he very much was afraid of them and was exempted from watches! The first in a refectory the brotherhood was invited, and young novices, future nuns served them. “Water in a jug heated up! Run - on a spring for fresh! Greens sluggish! Run on a kitchen garden and dig new!“ Baby birds and cubs of house living creatures to very young nuns replaced

dolls: they nursed them, carried on hands, put to bed.

I used monastic library and asked for the mother superior something about stories of monastery. “One sister collects materials, - she told, - I allow you at it them to take to esteem“. When I returned to the young nun a notebook, she strictly told: “Transfer the list of your questions to the mother superior and at her receive my answers“. Once the mother superior asked whether I prepare for a participle. In such cases speak: The Satan pulled me for language: “I, the mother, will hesitate to tell on a confession to you about the sins“. She sincerely laughed: “In vain you worry that I learn about your adventures! You will confess to the priest, but not me!“

Before leaving monastery the mother superior paid us money. Vityok ran to the village behind gorilka, and the Bear - in a refectory behind snack. I took candles, covers from a cell, and we settled on a forest edge. Apparently, the alcohol was contraindicated to a bear and the mother superior with sisters decided to take away it from our company. The dinner approached that stage when subjects about which in the monastery it is not accepted to speak are touched, and I say a toast: “We visited, Vityok, in different monasteries, and met such mother superior for the first time! I suggest to drink for it! Standing as it is necessary to men! Let`s wish it long summer! Volya Bozhya, that anybody got its unearthly beauty! “ I was going to tell something still, but as if from above strictly sounded with is southern - the Ukrainian accent: “And you, the brother Alexander, also looked at me not as all - on another. It was pleasant to me that you now told“ the Mother Superior in a black monastic cassock the southern night hid, and the forest echo by its voice preached me a sermon: “Reconcile, the brother Alexander, with the fact that my wordly beauty is inaccessible to you!“

did not end in the temple morning service Yet, and the mother superior with “Prayers of Saints“ entered to us a cell, blessed and wished the Guardian angel to the road. She approached and stretched me the book with a big donative inscription on tserkovno - Slavic. Unfortunately, this book did not remain, and I remembered only the first lines: “To the brother, in Christ to Alexander, from sisters Sacredly - the Uspensky monastery“