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Lyrics of

my Angel (1982)

When, having closed eyes, I see before myself

You in a shirt of easy blue

I flexible your camp gently I embrace,

Ya we will kiss hot breath I interrupt.

Catching of hot lips of the movement mute,

of Two lovely white lilies of fluctuation live,

I a shy look of the eyes hiding desires,

Unsatiable heat and gentle kisses. there is no

forces want to be silent, tell:

“ my Angel as I love you!“

Admiring beauty of unprecedented eyebrows,

Ya gently I drop to your head.

Magic aroma of a thick hair

Will dement even Saints.

I, having got drunk with a smell of love,

I Kiss eyebrows, hair, eyes your

A the flower created from bright hot lips, tremblingly I kiss

Ya, each petal.

I heart violent breaks my breast:

“ my Angel as I love you! “

Slightly coming off the burning flower,

I Admire a charm of the person again,

I Catch the darling`s smiles gentle heat

I gloss of crafty poles, charisma.

to constrain cries from the heart in heart,

Greedy I kiss your palms.

As fog disperse in the morning of the sun beams,

Light silk blue I clean from a breast.

the Velvet of skin and a type of two rubies - stones

On a bouquet from lilies made conceited to me.

I as in the desert aspire to water during a heat,

I Drop lips as if the traveler to a stream.

of Delight I hear groan I your

I lift edge of a shirt blue... there is no

forces want to be silent, tell:

“My angel as I love you!“

Letter home (1997)

Between us of the wood, river and mountain

I of separation cruel for many years.

But time will erase these difficulties,

When wait for you the house of the spouse and children.

Keep our feelings and gentle caress

In the closed crystal chest as if in the fairy tale.

That lock has a secret small:

the Key only one (and it is constant with me). I would like to Write to

in small print,

much That collected in more than two years.

But, comes to an end a leaf, though the line is squeezed -

Time is time to say goodbye, so.

of Lines thin lace will come to an end soon, there is no

But in life of good without bad

I after minutes of pleasant reading,

Will come a strip of loneliness gray,

Will begin to be gone separations between us again … with

But I will finish the letter in other words.

I do not love words of separation and now, as always,

You will not see the word “WHILE“

here I Write simply: “TILL TOMORROW, TILL the EVENING“

I let time so will fly by that it will not be noticed!

*** flexible harmonous fir-trees

In smoothly current waters of Onega,

Flaunt with

As wind September kolysht them short skirts -

Kargopol celebrates Lyubochka`s birth!

As the Angel on pleasure grew at everything,

Remember support of the big bridge.

In a spacious log hut at the great river

to It the grandmother in an oven baked pies.

With braids of color of milk pair, It in a ball with Venus played

at the house.

Goddess (2006)

the Little girl with hair of color of a sunlight,

I Store your wonderful image longer than quarter of the century!

was Carried away by the River of Time of many of memory in the Sea with the name Is forgotten,

You not in memory, in heart, and you is covered from waters of that river.

Ya now I will reveal the secret to you:

Remember the train on the North, two go to a compartment …

the Train pulse knocks, the wonderful magnet,

Honey of kisses of strawberry tender lips,

the Velvet of your skin, warmth of gentle hands does not allow to forget

of Charming lilies … to

It is given rise for love: tells your name,

Entered heart the little girl, and became - the Goddess! But the villain - destiny gave to


Having separated us as two halves of the bridge.

In quarter of the century of length to us measured term,

I began to whirl us life as if a rough stream! we enjoyed

From a vital bowl wholly:

Salt on cheeks, at loss of the father,

the Sweet wedding feast and as a hangover - divorce

(Change to us relatives in soul left ice).

As is often disturbing on heart for the son,

Already became eternity a problem with the apartment …

Something my verse turned out not folding …

Oh, did not tell about most - that main!

And therefore, words of farewell will not be at the end,

we Will meet at night - to me you will come in a dream.