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By the seas, on centuries of

(the script of the animated film) of

In the city of the near future the civilization did not reach the remote port residential area yet: strongly faded slogans wave on wind and there are monuments to unknown leaders - the XX century oasis! The inhabited yard with a playground is densely filled with the parked cars! The boy frolics with a doggie. The scared cat climbs on a tree, the branch breaks and - the cat appears on the parked car. The alarm system works, and all parked cars begin to make various loud sounds. Residents are indignant: “The hooligan grows! Where the militia looks? The father is in hiding, mother in - hair curlers!“ The girl bears to the grandfather - professor in laboratory the pies baked by the grandmother. Behind it the Boy who is running away from the yard coordinates.

At the mooring the scientific submarine. The log sailor with enthusiasm talks to two girls, telling them baizes of seamen. The girl to it in a friendly way smiles and climbs a ladder aboard. The boy, having used negligence of the sailor, slips on the boat. Cabin of the ancient sailing vessel: on walls a chronometer, a telescope, in a corner - the globe, in the center - a steering wheel. The Boy enters. To it noise of waves, wind whistle, shouts of sailors begin to be heard. It begins to play the captain of the piracy vessel. Twists a steering wheel, presses the buttons, includes knife switches: “Karumba! To pipe all hands on deck! To lift sails - production on the horizon! To load the guns and guns!“ Keen on game, he also does not notice how behind on a board bulbs and shooters of devices come to life, in the case the ladder holding the boat at the mooring and the cabin automatically cleans up. There are ailerons - fins, and the submarine leaves the port water area.

In a few minutes the Robot in a sailor`s form enters, rises to a steering wheel and steers the vessel. The boy is frightened by appearance of the Sailor, moves back and falls: “Oh, and what it you turned, and then pressed!?“ On the display the underwater landscape is highlighted and on its background the big and long pipeline in dark and yellow strips appears. The boy is frightened: “It is such huge dragon!?“ The sailor tells: (is followed by animation): “It is a tunnel of the underwater express. Two powers built mines for strategic rockets in the direction of each other near the North Pole - having entered thereby the countries into a condition of crisis - and their mines happened! So there was a tunnel for the high-speed jet train. Built round stations with platforms in the form of a ring, and the Pentagon and Murmansk military bases - 284 were given more peace names“. The boy accustomed and calls the Robot - the walking computer. In the neighboring empty room only a mysterious helmet. Having dressed it on the head, the Boy appears - in the virtual gym where becomes “the participant of the international competitions“: beats in G. Kasparov`s chess with A. Karpov (puts them “a children`s mat“), beats D. Safina and M. Sharapova in tennis. Establishes a new world record.

An office - laboratory with the round display in the form of a window, a fireplace, a floor watch, with a winter garden. The loud-speaker by a pleasant voice invites in cabins - the company, (if long to be in one room, then it turns into a punishment cell and therefore cabins - the company every time changes an internal interior: Russian log hut or Caucasian saklya; the Ukrainian hut or east yurta etc. - the menu corresponds to an interior). Serves at a table the Robot (in his clothes something is added, corresponding to an interior). Hall of a medieval castle: at an entrance of a figure of knights, on walls the lit torches, firewood in a fireplace crackles. In windows - loopholes knightly tournament is visible, the pipe sound, a ring of an armor and a cold weapon are heard. The table is laid for dinner. In the Boy hall at a knightly armor tries to touch a sword, but an armor removed his hand, and a helmet terribly zashchyolkat a visor. Professor and the Girl enter. With a tray in a hand the Robot in a knightly raincoat leaves the greenhouse with fresh vegetables and fruit.

The sea surface is cut by peaked rocks - a crater of an extinct volcano. The recorder of the sonic depth finder drew at a depth of 146 meters the plateau extended on the North about six miles in length and no more than two in width. On the display appeared in underwater part of the konturystarinny lock with a Gothic cathedral. The device allowed to consider a white square frame on a pediment: four rings cut off square corners, in the center a rose with six petals. “Coat of arms of Templars! - Professor exclaimed, - In 1305 in Europe plot against Order of knights templars prepared and more than fifteen thousand knights were arrested. Having learned about it, the master with the treasurer accompanied by 360 knights with twelve wagon trains of gold disappeared in the unknown direction“.

In a captain`s cabin of the sunk ship of “treasures hunters“ documents from which it became known that inhabitants of Atlantis, knowing about the forthcoming immersion of their island to abysses of the ocean, constructed a dome - storage in the rock are found to keep the shrines for descendants. In the specified area devices confirmed about existence of an underwater construction about three and a half miles in the diameter and dome about hundred meters high.

By the boat floats a school of fishes. The manipulator, having caught only one big fish from a flock, puts it in a basket (as from a supermarket), secateurs cuts off a bunch of seaweed and puts in the same basket. The manipulator and a basket disappear in the boat case. On the display remains of the broken spacecraft on a seabed. The manipulator selects “a black box“ among splinters and sends it to the boat case. Having opened a find in laboratory, Professor finds unknown video from the next planet. Towards the pack of dolphins flew. “Alarm!“ - on the panel the light signal of the acoustic decoder “understanding“ sounds of marine mammals started blinking. The robot includes color protection: the boat gains black color with white spots - now it is similar to a killer whale. Unexpectedly on the way of the boat appear - kitobo.

On the island the crew is met by the local Leader with suite (in the Leader the neighbor with a long nose is easily guessed). The ceremony follows through gate with an inscription: “Welcome to the country “Bright future!“ In hands of natives banners with the image of the Leader and slogans with his statements. On a central square three palaces: To the leader, the Leading Party and Security Agency. In the center of the area - a monument to the Leader! At intersections indexes: “The abundance horizon - there!“ The leader acquaints guests with exhibits of the main museum of the country - the objects which were in its use. The population lives in the privatized dugouts - the country in anticipation of heartrending experiences. From kindergarten and to pension the people are stuffed with pills of “material interest“ - everyone will better live the neighbor! Idlers appear where there is an equality!

On the right at the rate suddenly there was an island which is not specified on the card. Devices reported: “The ISLAND FLOATS!“ On the display it is visible how “islanders“ khaki walk in identical loincloths of color a ceremonial step and do gesture by a hand at a meeting with those who on a bandage have buttons! Several stone idols towered over palm trees. At the left at the rate from the sea abyss the iceberg top seemed! Two Eskimos jumped out of a snow needle, shifted a huge hummock, and in water the ice hole was slipped out by a seal with marking on a back! Idols began to knock jaws, and over the floating island the drumbeat of tomtoms swept!

On the bank of an exotic island the Robot from an arbalest fires arrows for gathering fruit: the tip of an arrow clasps a coco, cuts off and with fruit on a small parachute smoothly falls to a basket. Strengthened by eyes electronics of the Robot saw traces on hardly noticeable track. “On our way already the second heap of the prepared brushwood - it means that we go towards kitchen“ - the Robot - the intelligence agent with the PPK submachine gun (great-great-grandson Kalashnikova) on a shoulder draws a conclusion. On a glade a raft with tent from pieces of a canvas. The thin and acquired Robinzon holds in hand and indifferently chews a root of some plant.

Robinzon`s story is followed by animation: “My raft was attacked by pirates! (in the leader of pirates the neighbor with a long nose is easily guessed) When they understood that to them not to receive repayment, decided to exchange me for the corsair who was taken prisoner to cannibals. But cannibals ordered to fatten and tonsure me at first. When pirates put out to sea to capture the Estonian bulk carrier under the Malayan flag, I got through between rods. Having fastened two logs ashore, I in several days came on this island“.