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Whether the diet at an allergy is necessary?

Of course, it is necessary - doctors so consider.

Here we will review features of three groups of diets which (according to allergists) are effective at treatment as “a tasty background“ briefly, - respectively, at an allergy to pollen of three “summary“ groups of plants.

And by the way we will remember that it is not necessary to confuse an allergy to pollen of plants to an allergy to usual dust which is present at each house, in each apartment (especially there is a lot of it behind the refrigerator). The allergy to dust is widespread not less, than pollen - but to fight against dust, you see, much more simply (though a certain persistence or spare cash on compensation of the coming housemaid is required) and it is not less important.

We will begin with an ambrosia - especially as the speech about it already went on the website of the magazine of Shkolazhizni. ru.

we Will try to state

About a diet at an allergy to pollen of an ambrosia, a wormwood, other weeds briefly, without excess epithets and emotions.

It is undesirable to eat honey, halvah, oil and sunflower seeds of sunflower, a peach, a water-melon, a melon, a celery, and also grass collecting which enter mother - and - the stepmother and a camomile.

It is allowed there is bread, macaroni, boiled veal or bird soups, and also other dishes with fowl, beef and veal (but only the boiled or baked meat), boiled potatoes, beet, boiled eggs, not sour cottage cheese.

Besides, at a diet there can be cucumbers, a radish and a radish, any cabbage, including broccoli, a kohlrabi.

On a table bean - haricot, lentil, peas are pertinent.

It is allowed to drink milk, fermented baked milk and curdled milk, kefir (sour cream can be used too - in salads, etc.) .

It is possible to drink not really sweet compotes, other fruit drinks, weak tea (with a lemon if the attending physician resolves), weak coffee with milk.

It is desirable to limit use in food of a pickles, is more smoked, marinades, any alcohol, any cold drinks and

ice cream About a diet at an allergy to pollen of trees

First of all these councils concern diets at allergies to pollen of a birch, hazelnut (filbert), a maple (all types), an elm, an oak and an alder.

So, limit the use of sugar, jam, cookies, candies, chocolate, cocoa, ice cream, any cold drinks, including alcoholic (hot alcohol is not necessary too!) marinades, a pickles, is more smoked, especially smoked sausages.

It is not recommended to drink cognac, birch sap, herbal teas with inclusion of birch leaves or kidneys, alder “cones“.

You should not add to a diet nuts (except a peanut which not absolutely a nut), honey, the young potato and carrots, apples, peaches, apricots everyone “strawberry - wild strawberry“, fruits of cherry, sweet cherry.

You ask if you do not cry: “And what is possible?!“ Is possible is:

porridges, grain casseroles;

bread, macaroni;

low-fat meat dishes, meat and vegetable soups, and also borsch - it is better fast, with addition of sunflower oil;

fried eggs and boiled eggs;

haricot, peas, peanut;

sour cream, low-fat cottage cheese;

cucumbers, tomatoes, garden radish, radish, beet, last year`s potatoes.

It is possible to drink:

milk, fermented baked milk, curdled milk, kefir;

weak tea (try with a lemon - many love this business if there is no special allergy to a citrus), weak coffee with milk, just water - not from the crane, of course, mineral.

About a diet at an allergy to pollen of meadow herbs - cereals (family of cereals)

Is possible for

to eat:

any fruit and vegetables, including fresh cabbage;

borsch, soups from fresh cabbage; in general lenten soups (it is possible also low-fat meat);

soft-boiled eggs or a proteinaceous omelet - but no more than one egg a day;

Dishes from low-fat veal, a bird - boiled, stewed, baked (for example, in a foil);

Smetana and low-fat cottage cheese;

peanut, bean (lentil, haricot and peas).

It is possible to drink:

weak tea, weak coffee with milk;

fruit drinks, fruit drink, compotes;

milk, fermented baked milk, curdled milk, kefir.

It is impossible there are bread and pasta, cookies, canned meat, sausages (at which sometimes there is a meat, and it is full of any unknown additives), boiled and smoked sausages.

It is impossible to use semolina and breadcrumbs.

It is impossible to drink substitutes of coffee in which wheat (but with chicory - please is used!), and also wheat vodka, whisky and beer.

In the considered three groups of diets, naturally, a lot of things repeat. And it is normal - as it is about allergies of a similar origin. And still there will be no special harm if you specify and will correct not only treatment, but also food with the attending physician.