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Explosion consequences on an oil platform

I here again global ecologists accident. This time there was it in America, at coast of Louisiana, in the Gulf of Mexico. Also the person is guilty of it this time.

Trouble came unexpectedly. On one of oil-extracting platforms in the gulf there was an explosion. It is still precisely unknown whether there was it act of terrorism, or casual incident, but that harm that brought and will bring still this disaster not to compare on scale not to what acts of terrorism in the history. The huge spot of oil the area in several states spread, and continues to spread in waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The whole states suffered, the huge damage is caused ecologists of those areas, but the biggest problem in the sphere of economy. Huge amounts of money are already spent for fight against this disaster, but it is necessary to spend even more. Beaches, vacation spots will be damaged, fishery, a sea cargo transportation will suffer and it is a lot of other fields of activity of the person in this region. But the most terrible that it can do will repeat.

the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, directed members of spetsnaz to inspection and protection of other oil platforms in that area. But what the special troops, without support from air and the sea, against brander (the vessels filled with explosive directed to a ram on other vessel), and planes with suicide bombers can make? Means will strengthen many times military presence in that region of fleet, considerably will strengthen patrol, and investigation, and these are additional huge expenses. When the world did not depart from a global economic crisis yet, excess expenses are simply deadly to economy. But also it not a solution as not all countries have an opportunity to protect the oil platforms also carefully. From here the frightening conclusion - oil platforms become the ideal purpose for the terrorists wishing to undermine economy of the countries, so similar cases in the future still will repeat.

But can be in this, apparently, pessimistic reasoning also the light party. Perhaps, this case at last will push the world on search and development, safer for ecology, power sources that will allow to reduce oil production to a minimum worldwide. If the world oil-extracting companies suffer huge loss of property, relevance of alternative energy sources will rise on the first place. And yes our world will be purer! 