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Character and temperament of the woman: how to determine them by the car?

All cars are divided into two categories - a hat and the iron. Is still big are jeeps. Somewhere the heard classification quite suits me, however, enters into a stupor of the people understanding a car. I have no automobile weak-mindedness, I enjoy it. Driving already two years, just like that more conveniently. I explain: the iron is when it is similar to Toyota Caldina; a hat is a body like “sedan“. So one taxi driver explained to me.

Fortunately, there are many beautiful women who driving are feeling quite at home. Or fish about ice to whom as will carry. About them now and the speech. Not everyone they is blondes, and some quantity from them drives the car not worse, than the average man. Big, by the way, quantity. How it is possible to determine by the car that for the woman before you what her character and temperament?

There are cars in which you dive as into covered fur a mink. Or in a nest. Such impression that the woman in salon was going to lay eggs, but not actually to move in space. Covers are soft, white, with ten-centimetric pile. Smells of purity and natural wool. The wheel too in a fur cover also reminds a pillow. In such car there is a wish to ask a political asylum and to remain to live on a back seat, having buried in fur.

The owner of this miracle - the young nervous woman, certainly, beautiful and accurate. It counterbalances with softness of seats and a wheel in the car acute angles of the character. As far as to you comfortably and drowsily in its car, so to you it will be cold in the relations with it. There is never a music in salon, this woman sensitively listens to herself.

The woman in sports car will turn all your knowledge about women. Or will enrich it. Will not cook food at all, but on an equal basis with you will whip beer and to support CSKA or other team. If you are indifferent to team games, she alone will begin to make weekly trips on matches and meetings of fans. Besides, fans of sports cars have clubs, these parties she will regularly visit too. Pluses - this woman provides herself. Minuses - its self-sufficiency practically excludes you in her life. Listens to the Russian rock or songs of fans about a favorite team. Uses men`s fragrance.

The woman on the jeep . It is possible to tell with confidence that the jeep to it was bought by the husband. Husband well-founded and authoritative. Any woman in sensible mind to herself on terribly earned money will not buy the jeep. You do not buy a sofa bed for the baby? Fir-trees there is a woman who consciously chose to herself the jeep, it or the woman - the farmer, or, sorry, not absolutely the woman. Otherwise from where such thirst for the big sizes? Listens to either a chanson, or radio “Dacha“.

The woman in domestic car inspires respectful awe. In life she achieved everything. The Soviet cars of the woman do not get on a voluntary basis, they get it in inheritance. Such women have a steel will and uncommon mentality. Many men break, without maintaining communication with domestic cars, with such women. Would listen to something, but the radio tape recorder was stolen.

The woman in small ladies` car - an easy mark for all male individuals, starting with employees of traffic police, finishing homeless kittens. Constantly looks in a pocket mirror. In salon smells of an automobile deodorant and spirits. The car, together with the rights, to it was bought by either the son, or the lover. Such woman listens to generally bad words from the next cars.

How to define character and temperament of the woman if in her car covers full of holes, stones on a floor, cookies on seats, a children`s chair, a centimetric dust layer, empty boxes of juice and a wrapper from ice cream plus rotten apple in a pocket on a back? Here all also is so clear. It is my car.