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House time - whether you Tried to monitor management of

sometime on what your time leaves?

The road for work and back, an hours-long small talk with the girlfriend, “fascinating“ soap series on the TV or the scheduled pre-election political performance.

And so day after day, year after year!

We or hurry, being in a constant time trouble and we are in time nothing, or dullly we spend the time.

We spend time as if we are going to live forever, without thinking that time is the most valuable, the most swift-flowing and not restored resource.

We begin to think of time only when we decide that it is time to change the life, to leave a habitual circle of things and circumstances.

Our life consists of many parts - health, a family, professional activity, hobbies, the social relations, an inner world, etc.

Each of them demands time in order that our life was harmonious and balanced. We should not ignore any of these parts.

Do not find time for health, and soon you should spend time for treatment. You will give not enough time to a family, and can happen so that it will be very difficult to restore the former relations.

You give not enough time to personal development - you lose professionalism, you can wallow in the ordinary and boredom, respectively you lose also in the financial sphere.

Based on personal experience, I want to give to you several simple advice which help me to organize themselves and to be more effective.

Use records

Keep always around a notebook and the handle! Get a habit to write down necessary affairs.

It is an important point, it will allow you not to hold the mass of fine details in the head. Details are important, but it is better to store them not in the head, and on paper.

And to you to be necessary one more habit - every day to read the records!

I make entries during the day as soon as there is any question or some idea will appear. In the evening, I form the list of affairs of these records for tomorrow.

Plan the day

Every evening plan the tomorrow. Try to do it regularly, within 30 days, and it will become your habit.

Planning will give you the chance not to be distracted by a set of the insignificant, constantly arising affairs, and to concentrate on important things.

For me it is the most difficult point - in any way I should learn, react and not run to carry out suddenly arising questions!

Establish priorities

your list of affairs will always include important issues and not really. And when the choice between what needs to be made at first, and that then, most often, we subconsciously choose less important issues is provided to us because easier and quicker to make them, than difficult.


number #1 the most important point in your list,

number #2 point, the second for importance, etc. of

Always carry out affairs in an order of the placed priorities.

If you are not able to make all affairs in your list, then you will manage to make the most important.

If you have not really pleasant affairs, but which you inevitably should carry out, find forces to be quit with them quicker.

Or try to turn everything into game and try to derive pleasure from the end result!

I divide work into small parts - so easier to begin. Having executed one piece, I am accepted for following, and so up to the end.

And in conclusion, lyrical digression.

is familiar to Each of us feeling when time contracts and we fall into a mad gallop around, not in forces to squeeze all the affairs at 24 o`clock.

And when we are happy, speed of time is reduced, allowing us to touch infinity and filling us with belief in our forces and opportunities.

I wish you to learn to operate this surprising energy - time, and perhaps then to you the feeling of an accordion with this wonderful world will come!