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Grupper leopard (Cromileptes altivelis)

Grupper leopard (Cromileptes altivelis)

Gruper Leopardovy - Cromileptes altivelis (Panther grouper) - a beautiful small fish of a fancy coloring, treats family of stone groupers. Leopardovy Gruper - predatory fish it is brown - orange or olive color, entirely covered with small blue spots with a dark rim which come on a throat, a belly and unpaired fins. Grupera are widespread in moderate and tropical waters of the Indian, Quiet and Atlantic oceans. They meet generally in coastal areas, is especially frequent on coral reeves. It is usual in northern part of the Great Barrier Reef. Prefers to keep in average and lower sheets of water. When swimming by the flitting movements reminds a wonderful butterfly. The extreme size of a small fish in the nature - 50 cm, in an aquarium - is twice less. Grupera lead a single territorial life, often for many years occupying a certain shelter. Leopard Grupera - hermaphrodites who at first ripen as a female and then change a floor, turning into males. Therefore all large gruper are males. At gruper pelagic caviar which develops in the thickness of water.

Leopardovy Gruper - fish with the strong, extended, slightly squeezed from sides body. In a back fin from 7 to 13 prickly and 10 - 21 soft beams. In an anal fin of 3 well developed prickly beams, on a branchiate cover 2, and 3 thorns are more often. Belly fins are under chest or slightly behind. The mouth big, with small teeth on jaws, ahead usually is several small canines. The Predkryshechny bone with a rough edge. The most part of the head is covered with scales. All of them are the predators consuming fish and Crustacea.

In many areas gruper are important food fishes. Quite often they meet in oceanariums. These are large, very effective fishes, in good conditions they seldom are ill and live till 10 years. However in house aquariums gruper meet not often. In - the first, even medium-sized types require very large volume, not less than 500 liters. In - the second, gruper active predators in this connection it is possible to support them only with the large fishes capable to stand for itself.

Usually Leopardovy Gruper does not chase the production, and watch for it in an ambush. When there is suitable victim, the gruper opens a mouth and sucks in it together with water, sometimes accompanying this movement with a sharp throw.


the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, around the Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia, the Red and Yellow seas.

Contents in the Alushtinsky Aquarium:

is the best of all to pick up Temperature within 25 - 29 degrees Celsius. it is the best of all for

to Contain with fishes of the same size or is larger, and the probability of eating of cohabitants by Gruper is possible. The aquarium has to be quite spacious, not less than 500 liters, it is the best of all to decorate a stone bottom with grottoes and to leave quite big space for swimming.

In bondage the main forage are fish and meat of squids, other forages can be pernicious, it is necessary to approach a question of a forage very seriously and tchatelno. Fishes are rather timid, it is desirable not to create for Leopardovy Gruper of stressful situations.