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Gabsburg - “Austria is urged to rule the world“? The duke Albrecht, three times the king of

Shtiriya`s Duke, Carinthia and Tyrol Leopold III vigor resembled the elder brother Rudolph and as the conqueror surpassed him.

But the main thing that distinguished it from Rudolph, - he was not successful in the undertakings: it suffered the main defeat from the most rebellious citizens Gabsburgov - Swisses who overthrew the power of the Austrian dukes at the beginning of the 14th century. 80 years later aggressive Leopold III tried to subordinate anew to the power Gabsburgov free Swiss cantons (communities), but in 1386 in fight at Zempakh he suffered a checkmate and was killed.

In two years the brother and Leopold`s successor - Albert III - came to Switzerland again with the purpose to restore there the power, but also he came to grief and was forced in 1394 to conclude the peace agreement with rebels, and since then the Confederation of the Swiss cantons is the independent state!

So, the section of possession between two branches of a family of the Austrian dukes led to full decline of their influence in Germany, they turned into governors of one of a set of the German principalities. It seemed, it is already full decline, and Gabsburgam not to rise by an imperial throne again. Now in Austria there were continuous civil strifes between representatives of albertinsky and leopoldinsky lines who could not divide patrimonial possession on justice in any way.

However here on a historical proscenium Albert V Habsburg appears. At the age of seven years when his father died of dysentery, he inherited the duchy Austria, only a small piece from once extensive possession of Rudolf IV. But gradually it became clear that Albrecht very lucky person: having matured, he approached the emperor Sigismund. That belonged to hostile Gabsburgam to a sort of Luxembourg, Albrecht`s ancestor - Rudolf IV struggled with his ancestor Charles IV with variable success.

For Albrecht as for the reliable ally the emperor Sigismund gave the daughter Elizabeth who was at the same time a successor of thrones of Hungary, the Czech Republic and crown of emperors of the Sacred Roman Empire in 1422. As we will see still more than once, Gabsburgi had the family gift - to find and marry the richest successor of Europe!

But the union with the emperor brought to Albrecht only one troubles - the father-in-law involved it in bloody and unpromising religious war with the Czech hussites. Retaliatory campaigns of Albrecht did not remain unpunished - the Czechs enraged by excesses of the Austrians burned almost all Austria! Only 12 years of war later with the Czech insurgents - hussites, in 1432, Albrecht managed to inflict over them heavy defeat.

In 1438 Sigismund died and, as well as was persuaded in advance, his son-in-law Albrecht began to sit down on royal thrones - one by one - in Eastern Europe. In 1438 he was crowned by a crown of the Hungarian kings. However, he sat down on a throne on special conditions, all real power in Hungary had to remain in hands of the Hungarian barons and bishops - owners of Hungary. To put on a crown of Bohemia it appeared rather easily, but also for it Albrecht had to be at war with the rival - the Polish king.

Albrecht`s triumph came on March 18, 1438 when it, the king of Bohemia and Hungary, the duke of Austria, seven kyurfyurst - princes - electors - elected the king of Germany. There was improbable - Habsburg at the same time sat on three royal thrones!

Invasion of Turks into Hungary forced it to head protection of the kingdom personally. On October 27, 1439 at the height of a campaign against the Turk king Albrecht his father died from dysentery, as well as. Only it prevented it to dress to the own harm an imperial crown also in Rome.

Brilliant history Gabsburgov began.