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Gorbyl dark (Sciaena umbra)

Gorbyl dark (Sciaena umbra)

Gorbyl Temny (Sciaena umbra) - fish of family gorbylyovy group okuneobrazny. Temny Gorbyl lives in east part of the Atlantic Ocean (from the Bay of Biscay to Cape Verde), in the Mediterranean and Black seas. This is quite large fish who received the name for dark coloring of a back. The adult Temny Gorbyl can reach length to 70 centimeters weighing 4 kg.

of the Croaker black - fishes big with bronze large scales, the tail fin truncated or which is slightly rounded off on the rear edge. Scales on a body - medium-sized, rough, and on the head - smooth and roundish. The snout at gorbylya stupid, rounded off, hangs over the lower jaw. The mouth is armed with small teeth. Has a little extended body with a small hump in forward part from here, also the name is obvious. The second part of the name,“ Temny“, this fish it is obliged to dark coloring of the back having color, usually, dark with bluish outflow, and sometimes with violet and even medno - red outflow. A side at gorbylya is lighter, even a little golden, a belly - white with silver outflow. Anal both Belly fins and the lower part of a tail fin at this fish dark, the bright black border passes also on the upper edge of a soft back fin.

In nature Gorbyl is in a benthonic layer at rocky coast, Stone scatterings, over a sandy or stony bottom more often, is more rare a shell rock, at depths from 20 to 180 meters. Float small flocks. In Packs gorbylya lighter fishes on the lower jaw with short moustaches sometimes come across - it is the croaker light, one of sibling species. At night or after a storm the croaker approaches closer the coast, eating in a coastal zone. As food to this fish serve medium-sized crabs, shrimps, to a lesser extent smaller Crustacea. The important part of its menu is made also by small fish (a jack mackerel, a sandwort, an aterina, a sprat and a hamsa) to whom he quite often gives obvious preference.

Trade value black gorbylya is small, but in areas of the Black and Mediterranean seas this fish draws attention as object of spearfishing.

Area: Gorbyl is extended by

along the Atlantic coast of Europe (to the North to La - Mansha) and North Africa (to coast of Senegal and the Canary Islands), in the Mediterranean, Black and Azov seas.


In the Black Sea Gorbyl spawns in the summer - from the middle of June until the end of August when water temperature reaches 19-25 °C. Females in several portions vymetyvat from 6 to 514 thousand floating berries in a coastal zone of the sea. Most often spawning happens in the evening. Somewhere in a day berries leave larvae. And already approximately for the fourth days after a vyklev to grind passes to food with an external forage. Keeps to grind flocks near the coast, comes into gulfs and mouths of the rivers.

Contents in the Alushtinsky aquarium:

can Feed with live fish a sandwort, ateriny, a sprat and other fishes, Crustacea, mollusks, will also not refuse dried and frozen forages. Loves shrimps. 14 - 20 degrees Celsius will be the favorable temperature of contents. You should not be overzealous with lighting. The good filtration, frequent substitution of water is necessary.