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How quickly to select chords of songs?

Presently - during an era of mad progress “to remove harmony“ songs (to pick up chords) absolutely simply... Special programs which allow to slow down speed come to the rescue, without changing a tonality, have “recognizers“ and analyzers of a range, filters and other delicacies...

Not that earlier when precisely to catch some passage, it was necessary “to rewind“ repeatedly the cartridge forward - back. And now - selected the necessary fragment, and it is reproduced indefinitely... Beauty!

Similar programs - assistants great variety, but I will stop on one of them which constantly I use - it is “Transcribe!“ the Program from Seventh String Software, and the fact that the name is written quite so (with an exclamation mark) is indicative too because the program remarkable! “Transcribe! “ has all necessary functions for the correct selection of chords. Change of speed from twofold increase, before delay of speed in 1/20 from initial. Built-in 31 - a band graphic equalizer, a range - the analyzer and virtual piano - the keyboard which is convenient for using for control of tone of a note “aurally“.

“Transcribe!“ loads and reproduces practically all popular audio - formats of sound files: wav, mp3, aiff, wma, aac, m4a, ogg & etc... Even works directly about a compact - a disk. It is supported also drags - N - tracks, simple “pulling“ from folders. When the file of musical composition is loaded - the window of the program will take a form, as in drawing.

Above - the menu and the panel of “tools“, under them appears “volnoforma“ of the sound file. And the panel of a range and piano - the keyboard is lower. So far in the panel of a volnoforma the composition fragment, the schedule of a range empty is not selected. It is necessary to select a volnoforma fragment (at the same time it is allocated in the inverted color), and at once the program “draws“ the schedule of a range of this most selected fragment. Everything is very simple and intuitively clear.

“Gorbika“ above a piano key there are also prevailing notes (tone) in this fragment. In drawing it is re the second and third octave, and also “are well allocated“ from a range of a note fa and of la , i.e. the selected fragment has a harmonious component re - a minor . Elementary, truth?

When the removed composition has rather difficult range - it is used additional opportunities of the program. They are designated by the FX button. This delay (Speed) helps to listen more carefully to passages without change of a tonality of sounding. The filter - an equalizer (EQ) allows to allocate this or that frequency range of composition for more exact analysis and selection.

The equalizer has a row before - settings, the most suitable for a certain tool with its characteristic range. Mono/Karaoke - allows “to muffle“ a voice of the soloist more precisely to catch notes of other tools. Tuning gives the chance to precisely arrange sounding of the file under a tuning fork, with an accuracy “to cent“. Happens so that the selected composition “does not build“ with a tuning fork since it is record from the cartridge, or tools were adjusted without tuning fork...

Use of the Transcribe! program allows to do monotonous work on selection of chords quicker, and, above all - more precisely and more qualitatively.