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Whether it was necessary to forbid to display in Ukraine the movie “We from the Future - 2“? I do not know

whether this news came to residents of Russia, and in Ukraine the feature film “We from the Future - 2“ did not go to hire. I believe that bulk of the audience the movie was already watched anyway, and therefore I will not be distracted by a plot. In full-screen option the movie was shown in a narrow circle of experts and journalists and right there forbidden to display at movie theaters of Ukraine by Gosregulirovaniya`s department of a film video hire shop of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. On repeated addresses of creators of the movie, the head of department Lidiya Klimenko firmly promised: “… look do not look, and the rolling certificate will not be issued to Russians. The movie frankly humiliates national feelings of Ukrainians and is not recommended for display in the territory of Ukraine... “

according to one expert, from among “the brought closer persons“, the reason of a ban consists that some moments of the movie fall under two points “Regulations on the State Certificate on the Right of Distribution and Demonstration of Movies“ No. 294, the Cabinet of Ukraine approved by the resolution of March 28, 2001. Specifically: “humiliation of an image of the nation or personality on a national sign“, and also: “promotion of fascism and neo-fascism“. That is called bad shot and in a seryodka!

Certain negative persons is in any nation, but nobody personifies them with all people. And the second count in general from area of an unscientific fantasy.

Many officials and journalists, greedy for cheap sensations, hurried to fall upon junior representatives of an actor`s dynasty of Mortars of Ostap and Dmitry with angry criticism. The “fair“ indignation caused their consent to act in this movie. However, Ostap Stupka treated with the known share of scepticism remarks and charges of critics: “I am an actor and acted in at film, and I do not want to connect any political affairs here“.

the Elder of a creative dynasty of Mortars, Bogdan Silvestrovich, in one of recent interviews on a question of an assessment of actor`s work of the grandson Dmitry who debuted in this movie, answered: “At us discuss political aspects of movies much, but it is interesting to nobody how the actor played a role. I did not see this movie yet, but friends said to me that Dima very well played in it“.

In passing that is called in a subject, I want to provide his words concerning attacks of the Ukrainian nationalists to the movie “Taras Bulba“: “I want to tell you one story. Once long ago we acted with the great Ukrainian poet Nikolay Vingranovsky in one movie. We went down the street after a rain, on me there were a light suit and white shoes. On the way the huge pool got to us. Vingranovsky at this moment was visited by inspiration, and he begins to compose verses (recites): “The sky kupa?tsya in kalyuzh ³“. And I think: “My God, what I am silly! The poet sees a pool, and to him verses come, and I think of that, as if to me to bypass it not to soil trousers“. So it is fine when there are different opinions. The fact that the relation of the audience and critics to the movie was polar that around “Taras Bulby“ there was a polemic - it is very good“ .

And one more example from the same row. In my opinion, in this regard it is surprising how officials from cinema, together with militant “defenders“ of the Ukrainian honor anywhere and everywhere, did not see a trick performed by a role of the crew member of the plane in the movie “Kandahar“, again - by the Ukrainian actor Bogdan Benyuk. It was easily possible to proclaim that the famous actor embodies an image of the Ukrainian insufficiently heroic against behavior, say, of the commander of crew.

From parallels I come back to a case in point. Personally I, after viewing of the movie “We from the Future - 2“, had bright impression of a unification of Russians and Ukrainians at the level of ordinary representatives who are far from political ambitions. Certainly, the movie can make a complaint from the point of view of artistry, some, so to speak, excessive “gollivudization“. Perhaps, too accents are rectilinearly placed. However, actors, in my opinion, are rather convincing also the main, I would tell light, the idea of the movie levels separate shortcomings.

So for what all - the movie was covered? In what “quasi-state“ figures, involved in this act, noticed “crime“? In a separate minute episode of execution of civilians and prisoners in a hole - a grave soldiers of a notorious division CC “Galichina“? But from these, far not single, the facts you will not take cover and from pages of the nationalism of newly made auditors of history which passed an eraser you will not erase them.

Here also leaves that the main reason of a ban as do not twist, in political censorship. At that time, at will of the president of Ukraine Yushchenko who was in power, only - only, there were Heroes of Ukraine Roman Shukhevich and Stepan of Bander. How to allow for display the movie which, though indirectly, and casts a shadow on them. Da Va, that! Same “surrender of national interests“. Well. From these positions of the “people from the past“ who forbade the movie “We from the Future - 2“ especially also you will not reproach. They acted according to the ideas of reality.

But where sane from among the persons who are at the helm the authorities? What, there is no those left in our distressful power? Already and president new. And the principles of glorification of a personnel from the historical past obviously change. Therefore there is a hope that the viewer himself will see the movie on screens of movie theaters soon, and people will solve, it is good or not really. As actually also has to be.