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How the behavior of the man in a bed depends on his way to drive the car?

It was puzzled with a subject: Whether “There is a dependence of behavior of the man in a bed from his way of driving of the car?“. Any of us tried to carry out though some analogies, starting with the most primitive: length of a nose of the man, is proportional to length of a middle finger of the same man and is proportional to length know what.

Many girlfriends confirmed that in any way ability of the man does not correspond is easy, modern to dance and unchained with ability to be a good lover. Disabled people, in sense to move, were quite adequate partners in sex whereas plastic machoes on whom there was a wish to pray on a dance floor horizontally could execute only a missionary position, and that no more than one minute - youth prevailed.

The total opinion was the following: it is not enough - malsk the exact information about what of the man will leave the lover, and even the husband what to hide, we can gather, proceeding only from one sign, namely - as he drives the car. Style of driving of this specific man depends on his experience, an experience driving and actually the car a little. You will not hide character, you will not spend on drink skill, just it is necessary to sit down on a front seat nearby and to observe.

Correct driver

It as woman driving, only man. He follows all rules and sees all signs. Goes by the Soviet cars and, generally on the dacha or carries the wife with children on shops. It is logical to assume that in sex it is conscientious and diligent as since the childhood it is accustomed to do everything well.



a muzhchinka thinks that it is a good fellow. He is not able to drive, but does not admit for anything it. He will assure you that he just tries different styles of driving. Nothing to itself style - in one day to crush two pigeons, a little squirrel and the Toyota Corolla car. When it driving, to you it is terrible, boring, slowly and it is very a pity for two pigeons, a little squirrel and the Toyota Corolla car. And now present all this extreme to beds.


Usually on the huge jeep. Cuts, signals behind on yellow light of the traffic light, squeezes out from a strip and it is in every possible way approved for someone else`s account. Sometimes leans out of a window and shakes the fist. On the road lives the whole life, with the take-off, falling, enemies and friends. Takes all events so very much to heart that it is sincerely a pity for it. Also because having let out thus the heat, having shouted and having suffered much in way, it, I assume, absolutely it is not fit for anything in a bed unless graciously to accept attention signs.


Schumacher - his second surname. The car roars and shivers, winds you on salon and slightly feels sick. Whether not too there are a lot of special effects? You should not risk the life and to drive with it on roads, there and without you fully abnormal. The emotional age of this being hardly passed in ten years, you want to nurse not men, but children any more. If not to follow it, he will buy the motorcycle and degrades finally. In a bed, most likely, thinks only of himself. Or only about you, but would think of himself better.


In a year it breaks three cars, sincerely without understanding as it occurred. It only showed how this turn is taken place, and a tree already in salon. All unfortunate which he was lucky enough to bring gray-haired because our driver is sociable excessively and always looks for a long time that in the face to the interlocutor, it does not matter, that the interlocutor sits behind. Traffic regulations he knows a little, generally goes “as all“, at random. A two-three of times a year good luck refuses to it, but our hero does not despond. It is possible to assume that in a bed he is good as he sincerely wishes to give pleasure to the partner. Comfortable to

Here about it it is possible for

in more detail. When you with it, in general forget where you are. In the car, the plane, on the yacht, houses on a sofa. There are such talented men, driving since the childhood. They are able to drive the car with comfort for themselves and people around. Staying with it in inside of the car, you feel gratitude for a condition of confidence, rest and flight.

If the man horseless , then is represented difficult the forecast of his behavior in a bed. On the other hand, think why to you in general in a bed the man who even on the car to himself did not earn? How many you will wait until he earns on the car to you?

And in general, business, of course, not in the car and not in style of its driving. The man can not have a car at all, and at the same time half of hair and teeth. Or ten extra kilos. All the same at the nights you with affection will listen to his snore and to blink happily. Because the best man in a bed is that whom you love. Nothing is newer than it not to think up.