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Gloss (Glosik) - a river flounder (Pleuronectes)

the Gloss (Glosik) - a river flounder (Pleuronectes)

the Gloss or the River flounder - Pleuronectes (Platichthys) flesus luscus - fancy flat fish from family kambat, belongs to subspecies of river kambat. The gloss has very unusual appearance, than her unusual behavior is also defined. Length of a body of Glosik can reach up to 30 cm, in some estuaries also dwarfish form meets. The gloss has the oval body which is strongly flattened, covered with the small, not leaning at each other scales, eyes are located on one party. Usually the flounder lies on one side at the bottom, the able to see party up. Glosik sideways though can float and vertically swims, but it is observed seldom. Eats small Crustacea and fish, waits production lying at the bottom, masking under coloring of the bottom. When to the Gloss bothers to lie, it slowly moves very close to a bottom in search of something food: worm or mollusk. A mouth at a river flounder small, with small teeth which are stronger developed on jaws of the blind party. At the sight of production the flounder does breakthrough, and having grabbed the production floating by, the Gloss smoothly falls by a bottom. When the body of fish touches a bottom, she begins to move sharply the fins, lifting around herself silt. When these dregs accumulate, it covers the Gloss, masking it under itself. On a look there are only sharp-sighted eyes. The river flounder belongs to right-hand kambala, i.e. both of her eyes are located on the right, painted party, the left side blind and, as a rule, zheltovato - white. Rastsvktka of the top party of a flounder brownish can also change depending on color of a bottom. At a body there is a number of light spots. Sometimes along with right-hand River Kambalami meet also left-side which eyes, respectively, settle down on left, painted, the party.

The river flounder is widespread very widely, she lives in all seas washing Europe from the Black Sea in the south to White and Karsky in the north. In all its extensive area distinguish separate forms - subspecies, including the independent subspecies live in the Baltic Sea.

Life expectancy of a gloik makes 10 - 12 years. This species of a flounder is object of amateur and even trade fishing.


the Gloss is widespread in the Black, Azov, White, Barents and Karsky seas (to the Yenisei gulf).

Reproduction: the River Flounder reaches

of Puberty on 3 - m to year of life. Throws caviar since the end of January to the middle of March, the female throws up to one thousand berries.

Contents in the Alushtinsky aquarium:

Eats worms, Crustacea, preferring shrimps, small fish. Well gets on with other types kambat. Temperature will approach - 13 - 17 degrees Celsius. For contents the good filtration and continuous substitution of water is necessary.