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The most dangerous professions?

celebrate on April 28 the World day of safety and health on workplaces. To learn whether your employer provides safe working conditions, you can, having passed a test for worthy work. Besides, at the end of the test you learn what norms of work are accepted in the world whether also everything they are legalized in Ukraine.

According to all available data from the International Labour Organization, more than six thousand people in the world daily die from - for the injuries and diseases got on a workplace. What professions are the most dangerous and whether their risk is compensated by a salary and successful career?

The miner`s profession is unanimously recognized as one of the most dangerous professions. Besides need to work in conditions, life-threatening, miners constantly endure a high nervous tension. Besides, in Ukraine work of the miner is not among highly paid.

It is impossible to call quiet and an attractive position of the head of state. Stories of governors of the twentieth century show that not many live up to a quiet old age. And if to compare the number of presidents, dead “at execution“, to total number of governors, it is possible to understand that even the salary of the president does not compensate similar risk.

Law enforcement officers also are high on the list dangerous professions. The number of the victims among employees of militia grows every year, and they suffer from the most part from - for collisions with criminals. During independence of Ukraine more than six thousand militiamen were wounded, and about one thousand died.

One more risky specialty - journalism. The salary of journalists not least depends on that how unique will be material, and it was how difficult to extract it. And in the course of preparation of reportings of workers of a feather traps not only the high level of a stress, but also quite real dangers. Especially it concerns correspondents from hot spots, or those who are engaged in political investigations. Nearly a half of journalists during the work received threats in the address.

The statistics of accidents shows that more than 90% of victims on a workplace - men. To some extent this results from the fact that most often at work the staff of the industrial enterprises, automobile works and foundries for whom men work mainly are traumatized.

It is interesting that the number of the accidents happening to office employees not less than at plants and factories. Of course, degree of damage will be much more smaller, and a trauma of less serious, but nevertheless it is pleasant to anybody even to have a shower bath hot tea. From all office employees secretaries and administrators are most subject to risk. The first - because are engaged in a large number of household duties, and the second - because face the angered clients more often. And additional payments “for harm“ office work as the law are not provided yet, and the salary of the secretary, as a rule, approaches only to start career.

If to trust statistics of the USA, then safety degree on a workplace directly depends on the size of the company. Working in large corporation, you risk big, than if you did career in small firm. Ideal option the company with the number of employees no more than twenty people is considered.

However, practically in any profession there will be weak places. Even work of the nurse, harmless at first sight, is not completely safe. Researches of Harvard university showed that the grandmothers long sitting with grandsons suffer from cardiovascular diseases more often, than the pensioners who are not occupied with children.

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