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Gluttony, or food drug addiction. Whether it is necessary to get rid?

Gluttony are, speaking the modern language, food drug addiction. Almost everyone, having heard this repellent word, thinks that thank God though this trouble does not concern it. On the contrary! It appears, there is also food drug addiction which is not less dangerous, than that that it, it seems, avoided us. As the person is caught in its net, he also does not know. Having been caught in its net, it is necessary to try to get rid somewhat quicker of its fetters, it is just demanded by already tired body and the affected health. For it stands up both science, and church, in the Bible - in the book in which there is no excess word which, apparently, preaches only about clarification and rescue of human soul, it is said that the gluttony destroys a human body. And it is necessary to watch the body both in respect of moderation of food, and in respect of physical exercises. Even in Messages it is told about the importance of physical exercises for health of a body, though at the same time it is mentioned that from it there is not enough advantage as a hobby. And the person doing physical exercises will hardly eat too much.

Thus, everyone involuntarily becomes the sculptor of the body that is very interesting. The creator created us and gave us freedom in the choice of our forms: by means of food and a hypodynamic way of life we can give it curvy shapes and bouquets of problems with health, and having armed with physical exercises and will power, we like the skillful sculptor can perfect an excess portion of sweets and any fats from the body. Yes, it is laborious work. Well, the choice for the person: minutes of “happy“ gluttony and years of painful work on the forms and health, or ability in time to stop before temptation to eat one more, apparently, harmless titbit and the harmless present. It is necessary to approach this choice seriously: in minutes of happiness which settle fats on hips we pay dearly very much - health, appearance, i.e. almost life.

Of course, to us to liking the second option - health and beauty (at least, decent appearance). But we cannot often stop and sometimes we take offense at destiny, on ourselves. Why we cannot say no to ourselves and not try to keep step with the second piece of a sweet cake. Why one can, and others - are not present. Than they it is worse? It appears, there is a powerful reason. We jam thus a stress, the reason for which to which the otioseness and emptiness of life, its full senselessness is. To live to anything and nipochy does not lead to anything good. It imperceptibly and slowly destroys the person as if a rust iron.

The most striking example of how it is necessary to eat, children, birds, animals are. Look at them. The child, having sated, by all means refuses the next spoon of food which adults try to push to him into a mouth. They once again prove to these that everything has to be moderately that all superfluous destroys, and of course, the elementary truth that we eat to live, and not vice versa. Here, for example, take those who always in a form (and most often it are actors and athletes). Much of them even have no time to try to keep step with a piece of cake, life passes them saturated, but is not monotonous and silly.

The only way to eradicate the gluttony reason - to manage to find meaning of life, favourite business, to aspire to something good - and then life will begin to sparkle all paints of a rainbow. So conclusions are too individual for everyone here. It is necessary to understand that desperate situations do not happen. As they say: “If God closes all doors, he opens one window leaf“.