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To bury! But how?

On a pervost, that is in immemorial times, a body of the died relative provoked to his tribespeople some disgust, the sixth or eighth sense prompted to them what it in these lifeless and decaying remains is concealed quite certain - not otherworldly - danger and then - if he does not want to wake up however did not try to bother it, so there is no sense to hold it further among the awake and active people especially as it also is dangerous

As to get rid of it?. It would be most logical to dig a corpse in a pose of sleeping. Well, and if he will wake up and will wish to have a bite slightly?. It is possible not to ask, of course, such abstract questions which it is impossible to answer unambiguously in any way until you are dug, however, not the stranger who rested, not alien and not an animal, he is a relative, his affairs are still live, its acts and words will be erased from memory, therefore, it is necessary to make not soon so that it, just in case, was supplied by the most necessary: food, clothes and weapon.

When close people have a soul not on the place from infinite fortune-telling how to it it is lain there, the only way to remove stress is to dig out it, to replace clothes, to turn on other side, to leave to it some tasty food and again accurately to fill up In general, not bad to make this ceremony of times in a year, in day of initial burial, to bring together all relatives, to lay a table, to exchange some gifts, to drink the drinks amusing soul, to put it briefly, to take and turn seemingly gloomy event into a family holiday. By the way, and it will be not so boring for dead man to roll in the crude earth, and live it is easier to think of the death, knowing that it not completely will separate them from the family.

Similar relationship between live and dead is possible, perhaps, in soft climate, there the nature disposes to sentimentality and love, but in severe conditions, for example to tell, the mountain district are extremely difficult: rocks, an icy cold, ice beat off any hunting to dig graves

the Body all - it is necessary to put somewhere To fill up with stones of each dead - business hard. And where at especial limitation of space to place all these heaps of stones? There is one exit, too, by the way which is not taking away the right for posthumous presence in the world from the person: to burn darling a rodstvennichka and to dispel his ashes on vicinities.

However, Egyptian vultures can feed the one who too envied during lifetime proud eagle flight for what to gather all crowd, to dismember his body on pieces, to raskoloshmatit to it stones a skull and long bones, and in such look to leave to birds. Of course, procedure not vital, though casts a certain mystical optimism...

Everything, so, depends on climatic conditions of dwelling of this or that tribe. The people allocated with the power and wealth, of course, have powerful advantages in comparison with the others, but such people in a percentage ratio make everywhere and always categorical minority therefore you will not call their funeral rituals standard