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The Samotlorsky barber is called successful business - the project

In Nizhnevartovsk (The Khanty - the Mansi autonomous area) passed an annual city festival of hairdresser`s art “the Samotlorsky barber“. According to organizers, traditional show of hairdressers this year came to new level. Now it is not just a festival of hairdresses and hairstyles. “The Samotlorsky barber“ became successful regional business - the project. The festival brought in to founders the notable income, and to owners of beauty shops and representatives of specialized firms mutually advantageous contracts.

The competition took place in Nizhnevartovsk already the fourth time. It was carried out within the city target program of support and development of small and average business, and as his organizers the city administration, Nizhnevartovsk branch of Fund of support of business of Yugra and Torgovo - industrial chamber of the city acted.

“Regularly helping holding a festival, a city administration and we, - Torgovo - industrial chamber, - achieved the main thing: in Nizhnevartovsk level of service of the population sharply increased. The number of masters of a hairstyle and vizazh increased in four years multiply“, - the president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nizhnevartovsk Sergey Zemlyankin explained. And the head of Nizhnevartovsk branch of Fund of support of business of Yugra Ruslan Aminov told details: “This year special for us, - organizers, - also because the competition overstepped the bounds of one territory. Now here the capital masters and sales representatives of the largest world brands trading in specialized goods seek to get. And they are ready to pay money for it. Several tens contracts for delivery to Nizhnevartovsk of new cosmetic and other production which can be realized in beauty shops are signed. Relations are established, acquaintances are struck up. To us businessmen constantly call and thank for the fact that we helped them to come to the new level of profitability“.

Words of organizers are confirmed also by owners of salons. “Ourselves did not expect it. After a festival guests from Moscow and St. Petersburg approached us. With one we agreed on direct supply of specialized hairsprays, and with others - about advertizing and realization of the professional equipment for hairdressing salons and beauty shops“, - one of participants told.

As usual, it was not just fashion show or a creative workshop, the festival got a form of the dramatized show and became the real festival of beauty, fashion and style. Here all smiled: both audience, and jury. Serious were only contestants who created in the face of public.

26 professionals from city beauty shops showed various receptions of a hairstyle and laying, showed art of drawing a make-up. People changed in the face of the audience. The only thing that was made on the eve of a holiday, - these are manicures. According to contestants, such work demands special care and patience. “To create an art - manicure, the master needs to put in it heart and soul. We not simply impose a pattern on nails, we select it taking into account many features. The pattern has to correspond fully to character of an image“, - the participant of “Barber“ Lyudmila Petrova tells.

Hands of masters created two tens unusual images which surprised the audience not one hour. All models are refined and unique, they kompozitsionno beat every image. It is impossible to call the hairdresses presented by them, make-ups everyday, the audience was pleasantly shocked with unexpectedness of styles, refinement of lines and harmony of paints. The competition showed that creations of local masters are capable not just to shade natural beauty of the person, but also to help it to reincarnate.

Other details were told by the chairman of jury, the coach of Academy of hairdresser`s art, the coach of Russian national team of the World Cups and Europe Elena Baklushina: “Masters competed in 5 nominations. These are man`s and female hairdresses, evening, creative, classical, wedding. The main task of contestants - to surprise, and it is not as simple as it seems. At us under the terms of a competition fantasy elements are forbidden, and for extreme jewelry penal points will be added. In a word, there is a lot of subtleties. I would like to see something unusual, talented. Winners will be marked out not only diplomas and special cups, but also permits to other prestigious competitions“.

Action became annual, and it already outgrew a framework of an ordinary festival. Now it is the most real competition of professional skill. Local hairdressers remained its participants still, and professionals from the large cities of Russia here estimate their art. They will see off the master - classes and impart the best practices.