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At full tilt you will stop a horse. And you will manage harness it?

One bird shout: “To me in the winter hard!“ Another shouts: “To me it is heavy in the summer!“ The third shouts: “To me it is always heavy!“ (Riddle) Seems to

, it is simpler to prepare the car for action, than harness a horse. Though on the other hand - the horse sometimes fordybachitsya less, especially if feels that she fell into hands of the kind person. I grew up in the village and I can demonstrate that it is not enough people offending a horse.

It agrees with everything that is told by Alexander Nevzorov in “Horse academy“, but where to disappear - the horse always carried on herself a heavy cart literally. Also it was how difficult for it, depended on how correctly and accurately it was harnessed.

Learned to harness a horse in the vehicle of men when they still boys were when could reach only a mane. And that happened that the horse itself bent down the head to the little little man. Women had to learn to harness a horse in war. And after - became one widows, at others husbands cripples returned … To what had husbands such need was not. If they worked at horses, then husbands adjusted them this transport to porch already in finished form. Not that the attention to the spouse was paid, just the wife during this time still managed to make something on the house.

The grandfather who burlachit on Volga in due time managed horses at us in the village, and he had some associations on the subject “the barge hauler-a horse“. He very much felt sorry for these animals and watched that excess loading they were not given. He also learned to harness them on all severity of the law.

Still the day before the grandfather accepted horses and a harness from each worker. Especially attentively examined legs and withers of a horse. If, for example, the withers are rubbed, he carried out inquiry: the nurse was badly tightened? Quickly to bandage a cabbage leaf! And for the next day this horse in a full team will not work! The same recipe if, say, on a belly of a horse the swelling notices. Here already on the contrary - the girth was immoderately tense?

The grandfather bypassed a horse, slightly patting her a palm. If the animal did not twitch, was not frightened, so nothing disturbs him. Our horse chief accustomed all well though to treat the horse with something in the morning - a piece of bread or a bunch of a grass.

Very healthy place at horses - legs. I remember that the smithy in the village was, but horses were grounded only in a long journey - to the regional center, to the area. Probably, on the soft earth of a horse could and go without horseshoe even under freight. And all the same it was necessary to watch a condition of hoofs, between bone outgrowths the sharp object could get.

- popered a horse do not put the cart! - first rule, which grandfather (for fun or seriously?) ordered to remember. Aha, it follows from this that at first it is necessary to set the cart. And what it to establish? How what? The place has to be equal, dry - most it will be bad on ruts yes to pools to plop! It is necessary to begin with check of running mechanisms - wheels. Whether they are well greased? Why near stables of a flank with tar costs? Besides shafts - they strong keep, and move easily? Otherwise on a horse additional loading lays down.

The chief ordered to display a harness one after another, and to know an order how “Pater Noster“. In nervousness of the boy, sometimes, brought a horse a muzzle to shafts. Also received on the first - the grandfather knew any jokes so much - humourous catchphrases! Any more never such slip was made.

So, the first that at us lies among - the nurse . To throw it through a back of a horse - what difficult? But it is necessary to get it on the other hand to fix. For now you pass there, the mischievous person also can dump it! But it happened infrequently: horses as if understood that such still wound, the boy - dozing! But here the girth is tightened. On trifles to walk not to forget.

The following focal point - a collar to put on . Here sekretik: the collar should be turned up legs, otherwise the head of an animal will not pass, and already on a neck to put in the correct position. When reins in a collar passed children, the grandfather watched more whether forgot to exempt a mane of a horse from a clip. By the way, and with a tail it was also necessary to arrive - to translate it for a breast-band and to straighten hair. The grandfather even practically showed how it is inconveniently animal when the tail or a mane are pinched: hardly took by the scruff the boy and ordered to move actively hands - the head. It became quickly clear to that, and the teacher it is satisfied grunted: so - that here! Poorly tightened supon on a collar too harmed a horse - the collar rubbed a neck till it bleeds, shafts dangled, it was heavier than a horse from it.

Yet not everything is ahead made, we come back there. Now it is necessary to put a horse in shafts - by means of these long equal poles the vehicle is as if fastened to a horse. A connecting element is the arch here. I will miss again several small movements which, however, are obligatory for carrying out: the tug, supon, a cheressedelnik is necessary details of a harness too. At the beginning boys aloud poddiktovyvat to themselves: to make a loop, to put on an arch, to wind supon (a tawing belt) around pincers of a collar and times! and two! to stick a loop … Obligatory a loop in case of emergency to dismiss a collar and to improve matters of a horse.

There were such moments when the horse became exhausted, fell on a knee. That here you will do - to the person it was not more sweet when he was harnessed, for example, in a plow. Was considered to force a horse for the sake of the whim in the village a sin. Therefore to the osklizshy mountain tried not only to descend from the vehicle, but also transferred part of freight on hands. The carrier conducted a horse by the bridle: well, give, the darling! Interesting moment: power of a car is estimated in horsepowers, and I saw how in the winter uphill the horse towed “Victory“. As far as I understand, tyazhelenky it is the car!

The group of movements needed to be done with reins - there to stretch, here to carry out and obligatory by a certain way, considering the right - left, top - a bottom. Reins are a wheel. That the horse understood desire of the person, reins are fastened to a bit. A bit to me seems the most cruel detail in a harness - they have to be at a horse in a mouth. It is just physically possible to feel it, to put it mildly, inconvenience on a riddle: in a meat pot iron boils.

The most difficult moment in a zapryaganiye of a horse for the woman - a tightening of a supona . Here it was necessary to plant the feet against a collar that ticks - its ends - densely met. It was disturbed … by a skirt. It did not allow to raise a leg on the level of a horse neck. On trouser suits then the fashion was not and if women wore wadded quilted trousers in the winter, atop all the same the skirt was put on. It was simpler in the summer - a hem of a dress wider.

Between the woman and a horse, obviously, special there were relations. The woman saw in an animal not just a rabsila, with it it was possible … to talk, complain to it. The horse listens attentively, her big eyes look on - kind and knowingly, she gradually nods, encouraging with it the person on frankness. And in the woman`s nature - loving kindness to a dumb being, and even a hail from her lips sounds differently, than from man`s.

The man wants to have superiority over a horse, to operate her - these qualities at it too in the nature. The woman considered a horse as the assistant. And at full tilt stopped it not to offend. If in a fit of temper it were also necessary to stegnut an animal, so at the woman of a tear close. Probably, this moment is reflected in a proverb: beat a kind horse with one hand, other tear wipe!

And about a horse and the woman. The official answer to a riddle which I gave as an epigraph: sledge, cart, horse. But it only on the first thoughts as in the village spoke … Most likely, and this riddle was composed by the woman …