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Theater of absurdity of Lech Kaczynski, or Death as award? Version of the psychologist. It is necessary to recognize

that in tragic death of Lech Kaczynski and attendants of his faces in plane crash on the way to Katyn, there is something mystical. Directly some theater of absurdity... Incredibly rather it is illogical, not by safety rules there was the fact that on one plane almost all ruling elite and supporters of the incumbent president suddenly departed.

Still on April 22 the Polish authorities had to publish records of “black boxes“ of the presidential liner which fell near Smolensk. The fact that they are already finally deciphered at anybody does not raise doubts. Does not surprise also the fact that the official announcement of results of interpretation of all records is postponed for 2 weeks. The opened truth, most likely, puts Poles in a difficult situation as it will be quite difficult to them to recognize officially that, most likely, Lech Kaczynski insisted on a dangerous landing at the airport of Smolensk that he automatically does it guilty of death of 95 people.

The commander of a presidential board of the plane, naturally, had no right to decide independently on plane landing after it was warned by the Smolensk dispatcher about impossibility of landing from - for strong fog. Only the president could give the order to sit down or not in such conditions though all pilots have special training not to give in to pressure of high-ranking officials. According to the psychologist, this plane crash with tragic death of the majority of ruling elite more likely not so much mysticism, how many unconscious or quite conscious direction of the original politician fixated on the rating and the exclusive role in the history of Poland.

As it is blasphemous does not sound, but the tragic death of Lech Kaczynski was desirable for him as an exit from a difficult situation without “loss of the person“ as an award, as leaving on rise of career which actually slid down. As the president it made everything on this post to remain the most unpopular president in the history of Poland. Everything went to the fact that in several months it had to leave the post. Even the fact that in official anniversary funeral celebrations on the occasion of the Katyn tragedy this year did without it Lech Kaczynski, was for it sign and fine angered and offended him.

And for it Katyn was a sacred banner which many years he swung, kindling, on the one hand, hatred to Russia, with another - trying to obtain recognition of the truth by Russia about Katyn. And as he wanted to remain in the history the unbeaten politician, to remain in it forever the president, with it, according to our version, there was no other way how to die at this post. And whenever possible to die “loudly“ if not heroically.

Subconsciously, probably, he looked for such death. Two known facts taking place in Georgia testify to it: once he wanted to force to sit down the presidential plane in circumstances, dangerous to a plane landing, the second time it literally walked under firing of bullets of the Russian peacekeeping forces whereas he as the president of the country which is a part of NATO could be easily killed. What global scandal then could happen! Whether it was the real hit in history? Then it did not turn out... It must be assumed that Lech Kaczynski could not but think of consequences of such steps. Such barefaced “fearlessness“ can be estimated by psychologists as tendency to the hidden suicide or suicide behavior.

When at the person irrespective of whether he is a politician or not, mission for which service he devotes the life is executed, it is onobychno free or it is involuntarily ready to death if there are no new, more significant purposes.

Mission from which Lech Kaczynski came to policy since “Solidarity“ - fight for independence independence at first of the Soviet Union, then from Russia - was executed. And the problem of Katyn which was the last boiling point in disagreements with Russia too was practically resolved. In this regard Lech Kaczynski played a role in the history of Poland, and, apparently, adequately executed the mission.

However all paradox can be that after performance of the mission - to achieve independence of Poland and recognition of fault of Russia in the Katyn tragedy, - it it seemed to it a little. He saw and understood that all its attempts to remain the unbeaten politician in the history of Poland, are insolvent. Every year, month and in the afternoon it lost more popularity which put above everything.

To execute the new mission - to remain not just unbeaten president, but the great national hero, - according to our version, he offered life of tens of the most worthy people close and faithful it. If this is so, then Lech Kaczynski masterly directed the last mission forever to remain in the history of Poland as the great tragic hero forever connected with Katyn and, so sacred fight for independence of the homeland.

Many country leaders of Europe and America, quite I allow, did not arrive to a funeral of tragicly died president of Poland not so much from - for dangers of flights after eruption of the Icelandic volcano how many having understood what price Lech Kaczynski tried to solve the personal problem to remain the hero in the history. And to the Polish authorities that “to save face“ the president, it is necessary to do nothing how to find guilty of plane crash anyone, only not Lech Kaczynski, and that is somehow inconvenient before history … For Lech Kaczynski.