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What is fakhverk?

Construction of houses in style fakhverk are conducted in Western Europe, since 15th century. Lately and in Russia houses, unusual to us, began to build these too. Let`s try to tell shortly that it fakhverk.

Fakhverk (from it. Fach - section and Werk - a construction) - the rigid frame design of the house from a bar consisting of system of racks, crossbars, raskos and bindings. In old times construction of the house in style fakhverk was conducted very simply: the space between a bar was filled with clay, spill, adobe or a stone. In later time laid a brick, and then sections of a facade plastered. But at the same time often left a framework outside of the house untouched. It visually dismembered walls of houses in style fakhverk and gave to the building special expressiveness.

The technology of construction of houses in style fakhverk dictated decorative features of a facade and even an interior, characteristic only of this method. For this reason experts put in the concept “fakhverk“ not only design features of such constructions, but also architectural style.

Now projects of houses in style fakhverk only in one Germany contain hundreds of options. The set of ancient buildings and constructions on which it is possible to track all history of development of this direction in construction remained.

As we already mentioned, the wooden house in style fakhverk has to have a strong framework from a bar. To give to a framework necessary rigidity, were used and such types of connection of details as “a secret thorn“, “larkspur“, a cutting, and also nagel or wooden probes are still applied.

Using new materials and technologies, modern architects revive and develop unique traditions a fakhverka. Now houses in this style are very popular not only in Germany, but also in Switzerland, England, Sweden and other countries of Europe.

The main rule at construction of houses in style fakhverk remained the same - use of a frame basis. Only the usual bar was succeeded by glued. Its durability is higher, than at whole wood, it is more esthetic as there are no cracks and knots. Glued bars and beams are made various section and non-standard length (to 12 - 18 m). It allows architects to use successfully in wooden construction the principles of construction of houses with a steel or reinforced concrete framework.

The facilitated wooden design the fakhverka considerably reduces load of soil that allows to use the melkozaglublenny base which is not demanding big expenses. The space between elements of a framework is filled with the modern construction materials including an effective heater or energy saving double-glazed windows. Usually apply mineral wool from quartz or basalt fiber to thermal insulation, is more rare - an easy gas concrete, a multislot-hole brick and other materials. As finishing material of internal walls of the houses built in style fakhverk gypsum-fiber plates which not only improve sound insulation are used, but also provide fire-prevention protection of construction.

In the European countries on production of a framework of the fakhverkovy house about two weeks industrially leave. On a building site the framework of the house is collected on average in 10 days. Works on filling of a framework and finishing take no more than two months. Thanks to modern materials such houses maintain the lowest temperatures in the winter, and in the summer at a tile covering of a roof hold a cool.

It is possible to heat the house in style fakhverk in the most different ways. Creators of the Russian projects advise to use heat-insulated floors (the concrete coupler long keeps heat), and also qualitative systems of ventilation and conditioning. By the way, all engineering equipment - pipes, cables and elements of automatic equipment, technology of construction allows to hide in walls.

Modern fakhverk thanks to a constructive skeleton sets a certain style and at registration of an interior of the house. The system of beams gives it unique spirit of old times. The bearing designs cover with the black, white, gray or transparent protective structure on the basis of natural oils keeping wood dry steady against wreckers and flame-resistant.

The internal space of such houses creates various volume - planning opportunities for designers. The big areas of a glazing from a floor to a ceiling allow to unite internal space of the house with a garden.

For those who would like to connect in the dwelling charm of old times and modern comfort, the house in style fakhverk - a right choice.