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Played? Threw? And why did not sell the character? I Will buy

gold! I will sell the character! To buy Aden, cheap! Pumping of the character! How many such announcements you already met? Hundred, one thousand times? Get used - now it zamesto “We buy tomatoes, eggplants etc.!“.

Everyone who was at least once keen any online on game eventually arrives at idea that for more comfortable game it will need to stock up on artifacts, to buy game currency, and at times just there is a wish to sell the character and to begin all over again. And if you begin to pump over the Chara already far not for the first time? It is necessary to pump over somehow the hero to high level and already there to begin to be delayed to the full extent. To buy Aden and on it to stock up on top belongings for desired the mass of PvP?

And if you were already satiated with one virtual world and you are eager to test new? What to throw the old Persians? It seems also they are not necessary, but it is a pity to throw out - what is the time was spent for them how many hours in Patya and raids were spent to the detriment of a dream and work - and here here you are - for a garbage can. But even there are favorable to many here decisions - to sell the character and to buy Chara to new game reality. Besides if your previous protege was haylevet also a top ful - epik to a shmota, then having sold it you receive quite pleasant denyuzhka while your buyer, without suffering with pumping Chara will receive the car of murder of elite bosses at once and at once will rush in fight - to compete with similar. Generally such there is a lot of desires, but how them to realize?

The main thing to follow several simple rules:

1) We prepare the character in the game

Prepare correctly of the character for sale it is necessary to be able too. For a start it is worth transferring all property to game currency, to sell all junk etc. After that, it is worth looking whether it will be better to dokachat shifted to the Left, to a prof or still something to sell the Persian more expensively, sometimes a simple detail, such as the profa skill not 399, but 400 can bring couple of green in your purse. Therefore we treat such things seriously.

2) We create the competent announcement of sale of the character

on the example of WOW, in other games the principle is similar

1. Information on the account

and) whether Is: Cdkey, email, a question-answer, the scan of the passport of the owner or the document the account proving the identity, by means of what was created - number of the first time card or 4 figures of a credit card?

b) You 1 - y the owner or resell?

c) How many time was on sale akk?

2. Server.

3. Horde or Alliance.

4. The account - classes and lvl all char, a stake - in money on the account.

5. A link on armor (OBLIGATORY all Persians who are on an akka). Especially outstanding shmot. If you continue by it to play in the course of sale, then to specify ALL changes which happened with charms from the moment of the beginning of sale in the announcement - new things, turnip, maunta, recipes.

6. A trade - Skills (prof) (the list, levels, at will the most outstanding rare recipes)

7. Turnip, accesses, guild, a transfer, maunta, PVP - rank.

8. A way of an exchange (real, the virtual or both options)

and) In what city you live?