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How to marry? The instruction for the autolady of

… The myth it or the truth - the woman is driving easier to enter into the new relations with the man, than any other.

Recently, servicing the vehicle independently for the first time in life, I made discovery. Lovely women, we incorrectly choose places of hunting! All attempts to find to itself the partner in life in restaurant, night club, at work, in shop or, do not bring My God, into a casino, are in advance doomed to a failure. Because these institutions - a dwelling area, not absolutely habitual for the man. It alerted, frightened, concentrated, aggressive, tired or, it is worse than that, is drunk.

It is necessary to catch the man in Wednesday, comfortable for it, where he is weakened and quiet - in the man`s world which consists of favourite man`s toys - machines, pistoletik or soccer. Therefore in advance we note sports bars during broadcasts of the championships and weapon shops. We will open a subject of cars in more detail.

Having begun to drive the car, I was surprised: how my unmarried friends - to motorists manage to remain so much time lonely? Only at gas station it is possible to marry five times. That is necessary for the woman for successful hunting? Besides a necessary minimum (a breast, a smile and desire to be married) not to do it without ability:

1) to interest the man;

2) to pretend to be the full silly woman.

The woman - the motorist owns these talents as any another. It is not necessary to pretend to be the silly woman much at all, it is a bonus by nature. Are afraid of too clever women of the man. Too clever woman will not marry at all if it is honest. Why to it this headache? But amounts of mind I do not apply for it. So - where and how the autolady hunts?

of the Taxi

Even if the girl not driving, and just goes to a taxi - chances to fascinate the driver at it incommensurably more, than at the woman who does not drive the car. Because the autolady can stick and keep up the conversation on a condition of a paving, a make of the car and knock in a suspension bracket. It is point No. 1 - we interest the man. To begin to represent the little fool (point No. 2) it is possible at any time when you decided that the potential victim is rather interested.

Why to marry the taxi driver, you ask. I in life had not to meet more cheerful, cheerful and worldly wise people. Besides, driving there can be an owner of firm who with boredom decided to podkalymit. It is rather simple to find them on call signs - the owner has number almost always 001.

Gas station

Having gone independently to refuel for the first time, I was prepared thoroughly. Made up lips, shook up curls and called the girlfriend that it in detail described all forthcoming procedure. Having already driven up to a column, called the husband and specified - whether it is necessary to suppress the engine, gasoline flows so far? The husband told:

- - it is necessary for you.

Rather easily it was succeeded to open a gasoline tank and to thrust there the gun so that it did not drop out on the earth. Then I went to a window where the woman sat at glass. Trying to push the note not in that shchelochka, I told it that I refuel for the first time and is not sure that I made everything correctly. On her question: “What column?“ - I answered:

- That which has a white car.

The woman in a window promised to send me the man (to me! man!) which will refuel afterwards and will check whether everything is correct I I do.

I was delighted and ran to wait for the man rather. Meanwhile my column hooted, the hose got nervous - process went. Happy with the fact that, apparently, I cope I also did not notice that the man already approached. Very much even decent, expensively dressed and with streaks of gray on temples.

- What here at you? - it passed to business.

- Here, I refuel! - it is proud I told.

The man attentively inspected a column, a hose, the gun, the machine and declared:

- You did not press a button on the gun, your gasoline does not flow.

And precisely - it clicked something, the gun moved, the sound of the flowing liquid was distributed. On an electronic board of a column tsiferka ran. The man on - fatherlike tenderly looked at me.

- How many you liters have a tank? - he asked, probably, wishing to support a small talk.

- M - m - m …

- Forgot? - he prompted.

- I also did not know, - it was necessary to admit to me. - Here, you see, fifty on a column it was highlighted. Means - fifty liters, I know now.

The man was glad to my opening and brought together me to the car, showed how he manually adds gasoline in a gasoline tank, pressing the gun button. Generally, if I was not a happy wife and mother, then the following phrase would ask for the man his phone and a permission to call him if I experience difficulties with the car.

That is, I claim, having shown some activity, at gas stations it is possible to marry about two once a year - there would be a desire. If to enter into a collusion with the woman behind glass that she sent men more solidly, then the number of successful marriages will increase up to five in a year.

HUNDRED and mounting

Tam I was not yet (fie - fie). The logic prompts that there it is possible to meet other car owners. It is clear, that they will be keen on a condition of the iron horses more, than you, but it is worth trying. It is more chances, than, for example, in a casino.

the Stopper

is written to

of Missile defense of acquaintance in traffic jams much. In my opinion - doubtful this business, if on the street minus 35 degrees, for example. Unless …

the Real woman will continue by signs attempts to marry, having even had an accident. By the way, usually she is also a culprit of road accident. Very advantageous position if to remember about points No. 1 and No. 2 - the man is obviously interested by you and for a minute does not doubt your nonsense.

So, dear women, take the wheel rather, and kind to you hunting!