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How to learn to risk? None but the brave deserve the fair

“In harbor the ship in safety, but mission of the ship at all not in it.“ John Shedd

Success in life often seems to us casual or, as they say, “ lottery “ - remember how often we speak about other people: “ was just lucky them “.

Actually, the success in life is natural result , a consequence our unusual, extraordinary and consequently, high-risky acts, so to us still nobody did.

I will give such example. Present that you have a good work near the house, friendly colleagues, the understanding chief, the convenient schedule. And suddenly to you suggest to head regional office in other city or in general to change a job and to pass into other, very perspective company.

How you will react? How fast you will make the decision? Whether you are ready to risk the available today`s stability (situation, career, the developed way of life) for the sake of new interesting projects (what means and considerably your bigger income, and unpredictable consequences)?

What you will choose : new tempting offer or habitual feeling of comfort, feeling of safety?

Without risk is impossible success

Safety, actually, depends on the external reasons a little. Safety is a condition of our head, our way of thinking, i.e. it entirely our own internal feeling.

And seeking to avoid any risks, we automatically limit our life, we do it faded and monotonous. Risking, we can find 10 times more !

How to learn to risk

Risk means that you allow a possibility of unsuccessful development of the begun business in advance, and it is very important to learn to operate the risks, i.e. to take the measures which are sharply increasing your chances of success.

Here that can be made for risk management :

1. Begin to collect information which will help you to make the weighed decision on commission of a risky step.

2. Think what difficulties you can face at adverse succession of events.

3. Decide what new skills will be necessary for you in a situation, new to you.

4. Estimate, the benefit received by you in comparison with what you risk to lose is how big, having refused a habitual way of life.

5. Constantly you remember that failure is the shortest way to your success . The more often you risk, seeking to embody the dreams, the more failures wait for you on a course of life. Failure is only a step on the way to top!

Such approach will allow to understand what risk in this situation for you is accepted, and to correlate future acquisitions and possible losses. the Award found

the hero

Total absence of risk in life is and there is the biggest risk ! Having made the decision, at once take a step forward and begin to act according to the drawn-up plan. And let will be as will be.

There will pass years, and, sitting at a fireplace and remembering the past, you with surprise will find out that you became absolutely other person, with the new set of knowledge and abilities more valuable and demanded in the market.

Only for one it there is already a sense to risk and do what you never did earlier! In life there are no guarantees, there are only opportunities. All great athletes, businessmen and politicians were “losers“ and champions in the number of failures and shattering failures in due time!

Risk! He who takes no chances drinks no champagne!