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Free ways of receiving traffic. Quickly!

When you create the new blog, always very hard psychologically to watch how it is filled with interesting materials, and returns from it any. Zero return is almost zero attendance and lack of comments to new materials. In this post I will tell about working free methods of receiving a traffic on not untwisted blogs. Many of these ways are known long ago, many - are not present therefore I ask to treat with understanding if you about some of them already know. So, we will begin, perhaps.

1. Register the blog in RSS - directories and the blog directories

2. Add each post to social bookmarks. Today in respect of growth of TITs and PR from them I pound a little, but in respect of attendance still there is a small return + there can be in a top some low-frequency inquiries

3. Open mailing on Subscribe. ru, also duplicate all posts from your blog there. It as well very good way of building of RSS - subscribers

4. Use the websites of news character. An example - news2. ru. Discuss others news and add the. A problem only that there it is necessary to work very accurately. If you have a blog about health, policy or sport, then it still nothing. But if the blog about seo, then it is in that case necessary to work very carefully. For not format on novostnik it is possible to get in general under Bang of the account

5. Constantly leave comments to blogs of subject, similar to yours. It will allow to receive a free traffic + to lift indicators of counters on own blog if the blog - the donor is dofollow - the blog. For example, I am sure that in Artemy Lebedev`s blog the first several comments to posts read really the masses therefore look for such blogs

6. Talk to thematic forums in a network and leave where it is possible, the reference in the signature, or be unostentatiously advertized where it will be pertinent. For example, large serch forums know everything, it is clear. But if you need a forum, for example, about dogs, then look for them through search engines inquiries of type:

“a forum about dogs“

“dogs a forum“

“a forum about animals“

7. Trace hot news which are discussed in a network, and express the opinion about it in the blog. People to whom this subject is interesting can come to your blog through search of Yandex or Google

8. As often as possible write to the blog. At present I make experiment concerning connection of a regularity of writing of posts with growth of attendance and number of RSS - subscribers. Experiment is not finished yet, but it is already visible that in respect of attendance there are essential shifts. It is a good way to attract an additional traffic and to make your blog more noticeable in the opinion of search engines

9. Write guest posts. Only always estimate blogs on which you will accommodate. One of my first guest posts was on one seo the blog 2 years ago. After placement of article I counted how many was external references from that page where I accommodated. Something turned out about 17 - ti. That is, in respect of the transferred weight according to the references left in that article there was a zero return. In advance be defined that it is necessary for you from the platform on which you want to accommodate

10. Write some article on a hot topic and allow to reprint it on other websites with reference to the primary source, that is on you

11. If you have no big budget under promotion of the blog, then untwist it under low-frequency inquiries. At the same time try that these inquiries were duplicated in heading of that page under which these inquiries were created by

12. Create video and place it on Google. At the same time they allow to put the working reference near video. The same can be done also for YouTube. Only it should be taken into account that in this service it is impossible to put the working reference near video. The reference needs to be put in video

13. In each picture which you add to the blog fill in the description of the ALT tag. Perhaps, by search it will come up, and you will receive a target traffic from services of pictures

14. Surely make a site map that it was easier for your visitors to be guided in articles on your blog

15. Participate in theme groups, the Google groups type. And it is possible to create also the group on any social VKontakte network or service of a newsletter like Subscribe. ru