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Why girls become prostitutes? A kiwi - liqueur and children`s grants of

Life is quite often unfair. Or it seems so to us.

On many girls on a call life passed a bulky skating rink. Others were simply not lucky and sometimes they should go to trade in the only thing that at them remained in even more - less decent state. It is about a body. And the body needs food. So, more severe situation can be the third reason of the choice by girls of a profession of the prostitute:

3. Lack of livelihood

One of masseurs, so to speak, whom we carried to the next client behind drinking of liqueur told me: - you See

what beauty! What taste!

(Then, in 90 - e, all drank only liqueur, it seems so to me. Before inside people did not see such beautiful diverse bottles with cream liquid. There was both a banana taste, and strawberry, and strawberry, and a kiwi - liqueur, and a heap of other shades. In trade tents they stood the whole ranks as soldiers on a parade-ground. Bottles attracted those aroma, glamourous design, romanticism.)

She took in hand colourfully issued capacity with taste of a kiwi. Holding this miracle of the foreign industry in hand, she opened the heart and told that if she was not engaged in in what she is engaged now, her child would have be nothing to eat. And she would not happen to drink such remarkable liqueur.

The maiden is from a small town in the Ivanovo region. Single mother, of a grant such that “is enough for couple of packs of the cheapest pampers“. Here it was also necessary to send the feet to the capital, otherwise in its town “with hunger it is possible to kick the bucket“. The sense of her words was such is. And so - in Moscow - it masses, tasty, according to her, eats, drinks beautiful drinks. Yes sends money home to mother who sits with the child. I asked whether our “masseur“ is happy with the situation. She answered, in my opinion, sincerely, without “being drawn“ that “yes, it is happy“.

4. In search of Prinze on a white game (Mercedes)

Directly to me about one more reason - the fourth - any of masseurs did not tell, but, catching involuntarily talk of maidens among themselves, I understood that there is in it a logic. I would call it “The prince on a white horse“. Overseas prince yes of foreign horse . I surely declare that I partially influenced formation of the Russian prostitution (no, it is more - Sngova), without wishing that, the Hollywood sweet couple - Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. It they created on the screen (and then and in the hearts of girls) the modern tale of the Cinderella - the prostitute. They made it in 1990 in the movie “Beauty“.

Yes, Americans shot the movie on - Hollywood extraordinary touchingly, sincerely, is luxurious. Gere affected female hearts with kindness, beauty, nobility. For the prostitute he, eventually, arrived on the long limousine. As it is romantic! As it is sentimental! Really, “Beauty“ - one of masterpieces of world cinema. If at our prostitute performed by Elena Yakovleva from “Interdevochki“ of Pyotr Todorovsky everything terminates very biliously, then Julia Roberts receives in “Beauty“ the portion of indescribable happiness in the person of Richard Gere!

Receives Prinze! And than our “moths“ it is worse foreign? Anything! And even the odds will be given. And so, I will remind that then all already had videorecorders, and our prostitutes many times reconsidered “Beauty“, will - bondage setting up themselves to the place of Julia Roberts. They waited for the same Prinze on a white horse (on a limousine). Overseas. Sober. Beautiful. Rich. Noble. It is a pity that on our soil a bit different princes came across.

Time I carried the tiny little girl from Ukraine to the client on massage. Delivered in time. A rank - a rank. We ring an apartment door. Stir, someone in a peephole long looks at us. At last, the door was opened. And I, and the girl nearly failed from Ukraine in a faint on a threshold. Almost all aperture was occupied by the man`s shoulders. I to growth rather big, but this and from above look at me. We passed to the house. This giant and drills the masseur with the glazishcha. Ouch yes the prince on a white horse! Only black!

In appearance - the real King - Kong! I so politely with it in English pobalakat, examined the apartment, explained him rules. He a vpolukha listens to my manuals, and strives to sgrabastat the tiny fair-haired Ukrainian the lapishcha more and more. And me everything is so polite, but is persistent, to an exit removes. And I in this fight - as the infantryman against a tank large object! It was necessary to me to shower only with his caps. Generally, it forced out me (though I also would leave), and we (driver) to office went with Pyotr. And here when time our Ukrainian came to take away, I even worried a little whether King - Kong so pressed down her that all juice from it flowed out.

Well, everything is seemingly normal. Saying goodbye to a black giant, our divchina even smiled to him. And it - it. I asked then it, did not keep: whether she wishes to throw the craft after similar exotic orders? Business was at office, we sipped “Martini“. So the shameless person grinned to my curiosity and declared that she inspired in herself what masses not unknown to her to that black giant, and the ordinary white athlete who only strongly sunbathed. I rounded eyes from surprise, and inertly so took an interest supposedly where now so athletes sunbathe?

- In Africa, Mischa! In Africa! - there was to me an answer.

Only many years later I, re-reading the records, remembered the Ukrainian Thumbelina and understood that so she psychologically protected herself. Thinking out that the huge and frightening black big fellow - only the suntanned white man. No, not just man. And strongly suntanned prince on a white horse. So, dream to lasso the prince as Julia Roberts Richard Gere lived in the hearts of part of our maidens of easy behavior. And in general many of them are not deprived of romanticism though the number of the burned cynics in this business is huge.

5. Shish knows it

One more reason for which some girls go to “moths“ and with which I directly faced, called “shish it knows“. In our massage salon the driver by the name of Shishkin worked. The staff of office among themselves gave it the nickname “Shish“. If someone said that “Shish on Sevastopol“, then it meant that the driver Shishkin went to Sevastopolsky Avenue. I asked Shish whether he is interested in the question “Why Maidens Go on the Panel?“. He answered that it “kolysht“ it a little, and here its personal salary interests very. Therefore, the reason “shish knows it“ lies in more philosophical field of knowledge.

Maidens really cannot or more often simply do not want to give the answer to a question that pushes them in a bed to unfamiliar men. Sometimes I stuck with this riddle to our workers, and I was “sent“. However, one girl and told: “Shish knows it!“ Similar representatives of the most ancient profession from the Shish Knows It why! series are very rare. They are distinguished by absent-mindedness, tranquility, simplicity. And uncertainty of the purposes in life. “I do not know“, is their favourite answer to questions.

These maidens really sometimes do not know why they went to the panel, but not to plant, say, or to a farm. “Shish knows it!“ - here and all narration.