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Flowers on a balcony. How to create a green corner in the stone jungle?

Life in the modern city is dynamic and saturated. Sometimes there is not enough time at all to leave on the nature, to inhale a full breast fresh fragrant air of the blossoming meadow or to enjoy smells and sounds of the wood. But to arrange for itself a small botanical garden on a balcony in power to everyone. And then in the evening after work it is possible to relax pleasantly with a cup of tea and the good book in an environment of fragrant flowers.

Balcony floriculture is very close to room though the balcony is almost the street, but not absolutely. If it is not glazed, then conditions as much as possible approach conditions of an open ground. And on the glazed plant loggia all - are more protected therefore selection of their types is made for gardening of a balcony individually in each case. The glazed balcony can be turned easily into the small jungle, having just exposed here on a warm season many houseplants. For them it is very useful: fresh air literally changes not only appearance, but also rates of development of room inhabitants.

Besides, room it is possible to add many garden odnoletnik with plentiful long blossoming to the range. First of all, it is possible to recommend a petunia, barkhatets, daisies, a lobelia, a viol (pansies), a nasturtium, a godetion, a tsinniya, asters, one-year phloxes, a salviya, a carnation and many others. And literally several seeds of a mattiola planted in a pot will develop in imperceptible in appearance a rastenyitsa which will fill in the summer evenings everything with unique aroma around.

Not bad many bulbous grow on balconies also: muskar, galanthuses, tulips, narcissuses, hyacinths, crocuses. Medium-sized grades of lilies, dahlias, gladioluses are quite suitable too and willingly blossom at appropriate leaving. The klubnevy begonia will please with the whole cascade of flowers, a variety of its grades allows even to occupy all balcony only it and never to repeat in shades. By the way, fans of roses can pick up the versions suitable by the sizes and grades too.

Walls can be decorated by means of ampelous window or cultivated flowers. Dlinnopletisty grades of a nasturtium, ipomeya, a sweet pea, decorative haricot, kobeya are easy in cultivation in these conditions. Generally, to fans is what to choose when forming the range of the plants urged to decorate a balcony from. Here only hygrophilous and shade-enduring natives of tropics will feel not very well on an open balcony from - for the lowered humidity of air.

Plants for cultivation on a balcony land on seedling in advance, or buy ready saplings and quickly fill with them the picked-up capacities, or sow seeds in boxes and pots at once. For landing of balcony flowers use plastic and wooden boxes, pots and tubs, suspended cache-pots, decorative wattled baskets. The main thing that on volume they were not too close for roots and were rather wide not to be filled up under weight of adult plants. Wooden capacities cover with a special anti-fungal covering for a tree to prolong their service life.

In all capacities existence of openings for a water drain is obligatory. On a bottom surely fill a drainage layer in 3 - 4 cm, and then fill with the earth. At the same time it is desirable not to fill up 2 - 3 cm that when watering water did not overflow to the upper bounds.

The soil for landing of plants is selected not too easy, it is desirable “to weight“ store peat mixes addition of the fertile garden earth. Small capacities, being day and night in the open air, will heat up stronger the sun and too easy soil in them will quickly dry up. It is especially necessary to consider it at solar orientation of a balcony (Hugo - the East, the South, Hugo - the West) and not to forget that the floor is higher, the susceptibility to drying of the soil also at the expense of stronger wind is more. The most suitable composition of soil mix is made of equal parts of the cespitose earth, humus and peat.

Care of balcony flowers consists in regular waterings, loosening of the soil and top dressing of plants mineral or organic fertilizers.

The number of waterings depends on many factors: from a vlagolyubivost of the planted plants, from structure of a pochvosmesa, from orientation of a balcony, from weather conditions. It is clear, that on South side the earth will quicker dry up, than on northern, and in cool rainy weather waterings are not necessary at all. Except sunshine, wind therefore in windy weather, as well as during a heat, the thicket needs to water flowers quickly dries up the soil.

And here spraying from a spray and will be early in the morning for the good in the evening. The main thing that wet plants were not exposed to intensive solar lighting: there can be burns which will impair a little appearance. As intensive growth in combination with the small volume of the soil promote fast consumption of nutrients, during the season flowers it is regularly required to feed up solutions of fertilizers. Considering some specifics of balcony floriculture, it is necessary to know that it is possible to introduce fertilizers after the passage of the soil clear water in cloudy weather or only in the evening .

Beautifully and with taste the balcony issued by plants reminds the blossoming fragrant oasis decorating not only separately taken apartment, but also a facade of all building. Greens and flowers are the best scenery for masking of unattractive parts of buildings, eliminating monotony and monotony of stone buildings.

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