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Garr - a ruf (fish - the doctor) - Garra rufa - Small fishes treat Psoriasis of

of Garr - a ruf (fish - the doctor) - Garra rufa

of Garr of a ruf (Garra rufa) - the well-known Fish - the Doctor capable to treat psoriasis. Garr the rufa belongs to Karpov` (Cyprinidae) semeysv. In nature Garr Ruff meets in basins of the rivers Northern and Central the Middle East, generally in Turkey, Syria, waters of Iraq and Iran. Fish the Doctor - is very thermophilic, and obytat in very warm waters which temperature can exceed even 30 degrees Celsius. The Maksimmalny size which the rufa - 15 centimeters can reach Garr, but in bondage - usually is less. In an aquarium Fish - the Doctor does not hide, swims most often in the lower sheets of water, mainly on a bottom and willingly scrape off any obrastaniye of a phytogenesis. Temperature of contents should not be lower than 22 degrees though the garra maintains its increase even to 37.

is necessary For Garra rufa extensive space dyal swimmings and gregarious maintenance (al least 3 - 5 pieces). In food of a garra are unpretentious too - any kinds of the live, dry or frozen forage perfectly will approach.

Mobile gregarious fishes, love pursuits one after another and fights - they do not do them harm, but can disturb other fishes. Are indifferent to fishes of other types; singles or couples in the general aquarium can adjoin packs of other fishes.

Treatment of psoriasis:

of Garra rufa has an oral opening in the form of a scraper. Small fishes of Garra rufa have special enzyme which slows down cell fission process. Drug treatment does not give such effect of cleaning of skin. During medical procedure of people falls to a bathtub with hot water (about 37 °C) where small fishes - doctors float. In such water skin of the person is softened. Then small fishes begin to eat around the become lifeless epidermis and affected areas of skin before full clarification. This method does not cause pain unless an easy pricking.

Clearing the affected leather of a small fish, especially small, intensively move and do micromassage of all body. For the purpose of such massage which has also psychological effect, having the weakening effect, and also for reception of medical bathtubs during which small fishes delete the coarsened cells of skin, the salon is visited also by healthy people. Fish treatment and fish massage are widespread in Turkey and China now. Last year there was a transfer that in the USA the salon where small fishes - doctors do manicure and a pedicure is open. And last week the similar salon was open also in Paris where the cost of one procedure makes ˆ50!!! Such small fishes of Garra rufa safely live and propagate in the Alushtinsky Aquarium, and since February, 2009 successfully earn additionally doctors and massage therapists in salon of an akvaterapiya [the reference is removed] where help with treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases.


Lives in waters of the Tiger, Euphrates and the Kangalsky gorge in Turkey.

Contents in the Alushtinsky aquarium:

will be suitable For Garr`s keeping of a ruf the following conditions of keeping: temperature has to fluctuate within 20 - 28 degrees Celsius. pH 6. 5 - 7. 0 (it is admissible 5. 5 - 8. 0), rigidity to 20 dH. In the general aquarium of Garr of a ruf get used to live and dry feeds of “ordinary“ fishes.