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Female cunning or How to force the man to grow thin?

a Fine half of mankind always strives for perfection and consequently it, understands need of a diet. And here to persuade the man to go on a diet or to lead a healthy lifestyle it is almost impossible. Try to offer the darling for breakfast of muesli, and for dinner low-fat cottage cheese and you will see that it will be in perplexity. And it at best.

But so there is a wish that darling was healthy and irresistible. What to do? It is absolutely optional to say expensive that now it will be on a diet, it is simpler to resort to small cunnings.

Any man does not think of meatless life, and it is correct, protein is necessary. But in your forces to make a meat dish the most useful, and not just tasty. Try not to fry meat, and to extinguish or bake in an oven.

Prepare such dish : put layers in a pot meat, onions, potatoes, carrots, raisin, pumpkin, prunes, garlic, cabbage, salt, add waters and a spoon of tomato sauce - and to an oven. You can vary, add other vegetables, put less meat more vegetables, or replace meat with fish.

If your darling cannot refuse cutlets and pelmeshka, then do not force him. Just slightly - slightly change the recipe of cutlets . To pass meat, fresh cabbage, beet, onions, carrots, greens via the meat grinder, to salt, form cutlets. To fry, then to extinguish. Juicy and useful cutlets will turn out. And it is possible to add a vegetable marrow or pumpkin to forcemeat.

Pelmeshki can make useful too. Instead of meat use greens (a sorrel, onions, spinach, a nettle, mint, fennel), it is possible to add boiled eggs.

For breakfast our dear men cannot do without sandwiches . What can you make in that case? Serve sandwich not with a sausage, and with liver pate. For example, with it: a liver and a small piece of salted pork fat to boil, add 2 bulbs, to salt, pepper and extinguish 10 - 15 more minutes. Then to crush everything, and paste is ready. Or such: butter to shake up, add the sheep cheese wiped through a sieve, and sour cream, then mustard, green onions and black pepper.

You can prepare an omelet with vegetables, the vegetable marrow, tomatoes, pumpkin, a celery will approach.

Do not forget of baked pudding . It is possible to train them with meat and vegetables, and it is possible just vegetable. Very tasty and nourishing baked pudding with eggplants. To cut eggplants circles, to fry; to fry rice, onions, paprika, tomatoes. To put layers: eggplants, rice with vegetables etc. to salt, pour in a little water and to fill in with the eggs which are shaken up with sour cream. To bake.

Try to prepare every day vegetable salad , it is better to fill with vegetable oil. Use a celery more often, it not only helps to grow thin, but also improves work warmly - vascular and nervous systems, bodies of blood formation. Constantly you hold fresh vegetables on a dining table: cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, radish etc. Then instead of having a snack in the form of sausage your man will eat useful vegetable.

Sometimes replace meat with fish , the squirrel in it is less, than in meat, but is acquired better. It is possible to make pilaf with fish. Or such snack: to wet fillet of a herring in milk, to cut on pieces, onions small to cut, connect to polished apples and to fill in with sour cream. To add vinegar, salt, sugar. To mix and fill in with this mix a herring.

Of course, do not forget about pure advantage and green tea. Let your darling drinks more. Dream, think out new dishes and believe in success.