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The African Tiger Fish (Tiger fish) - Hydrocynus vittatus

the African Tiger Fish (Tiger fish) - Hydrocynus vittatus

Gidrotsinus vittatus or the African Tiger Fish (Tiger fish) - Hydrocynus vittatus - predatory fish from family haratsinovy. It is not recommended as aquarian fishes, from - for the dimensions and temper. But our aquarium can brag of this opyasny representative of the water world. The African Fish - the Tiger - the most dangerous fresh-water fish on our planet. At this terrible fish of Africa attacking on the people bathing or entered water, teeth are blocked like dog that allows it to tear off big pieces of meat.

Lives in the fresh rivers of Africa, generally in the river Zaire. Usually keeps in the top layers vodyrazmer of Tiger Fish can reach in length up to 180 centimeters, weighing 55 kg.

the Body is covered with cycloid scales. Possesses large (klykovidny) hvatatelny teeth. The ends of fins often orange or red, fish can become very bright during a reproduction season. Males it is more and more largely, than at a female.

On fishing - a tiger in Chebe`s (Namibia) river gather fishers from around the world. Despite awful canines, fish - the tiger is much stronger with the same weight of the majority of fresh-water predators, from - for what pays attention of fans of fishing.

Fish is popular as object of sports fishing in Africa.

Is known in aquarium husbandry, contain in exhibition aquariums with shelters and a powerful filtration.

during a dry season owing to a lack of a forage are noted cannibalism cases. Prefers water of the big rivers and lakes warm, rich with oxygen.

Joint contents in an aquarium is possible with Sinodontis multispotty and Nile Mnogoper. The maximum age which the African tiger fish - can reach 8 years.


of the River Africa, such as Zaire, Zambezi, Nile, Congo, Limpopo, Niger and Omo. Meets in an ozyora of Kariba.


Spawning in not won is almost impossible since a pile of fish spawn during a rainy season.

Contents in the Alushtinsky aquarium:

adult Gidrotsinus vittatus is necessary For successful contents quite big aquarium: over 1000 liters. Temperature will approach in the area: 22 C - 28 C. rn waters - 6,5 - 7,5. Are omnivorous, it is better kormito live food, but also from frozen too will not refuse. It is necessary to provide big space for swimming, and some elements of a decor. Gidrotsinus vittatus needs in Chita to water, the plentiful filtration and substitution of water is necessary.