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German proverbs and sayings. What they are? “A morgen, a morgen, Nur nikht find fault with

- zagen Alla Faulen Loit.“ I do not know

how to you, dear reader, but these words are familiar to me from infancy. This phrase was a favourite introduction of both my grandmother, and grandmother`s mother, I believe, and the grandmother`s grandmother - well and further, in depth of centuries. It an introduction knows any, it is not enough - malsk knowing German or Yiddish because in it - a basis of bases of the organization of the correct and rational life and life, it - the powerful educational tool: “Tomorrow, tomorrow - not today - so idlers speak“.

In a gold number of the German proverbs there are ten more used everywhere, acquaintances to everyone German-speaking since the first moment of immersion in elements of the German speech. Ohne Flei ß kein Preis! - without diligence does not have an award, or without effort will not catch also a small fish from a pond. Reden ist Silber, Schweigen ist Gold - the word silver, silence gold. Langes F ä dchen, faules M ä dchen - a long thread - the lazy girl. Morgenstunde hat Gold im Munde - at early hour gold in a mouth (who gets up early - God gives that).

The main set of the German popular wisdom completely coincides with wisdom of the Russian, French, English. It is clear and does not need explanations, as well as the fact that the gold fund of the German proverbs and sayings does not become outdated over time at all.

We are interested in those more the German proverbs and sayings which analogs do not exist in Russian and, as a result, were not demanded by our compatriots as ordinary worldly wisdom. This article will also be devoted to them.

Freunde in der Not gehn hundert auf ein Lot - in trouble one hundred friends weigh very little. Let`s compare: “friend in court is better than a penny in purse“

of Armut ist f ü rs Podagra gut - poverty is good for gout. Gout - an illness provided - certainly, was known also in Russia, but did not enter proverbs, the creator of proverbs on the whole did not suffer from it.

Grobheit und Stolz wachsen auf einem Holz - roughness and pride grow on one tree. The Russian consciousness somehow does not unite these two concepts, and it was not succeeded to reveal any Russian proverb devoted to roughness and pride at the same time.

Sprich, was wahr ist, trink, was klar ist, i ß was gar ist - say the truth, drink what is pure, you eat what is welded - the most reasonable example of contents in purity at the same time of a body and souls. Let`s compare: “Dust yes a soot and nothing to burst“. In general, in Russian not too - that is a lot of proverbs where need of preservation of physical health and concrete recommendations about this occasion would be mentioned. In their German - not to count. Gut gekaut ist halb verdaut - well chewed - half digested. Let`s compare: “Than it is unhealthy? And than you will tell, the father“.

Wer plagt sein Pferd und Rind, h ä with lt`s schlecht mit Weib und Kind - who torments the horse and a cow, that badly manages both with the wife, and with the child. Let`s compare: “The horse and the woman of a whip ask“, “I love as I smother, I shake as a pear“.

And here it is absolutely interesting: Besser zehn Neider denn ein Mitleider - is better ten envious persons, than one sostradalets. Individualistic, especially Protestant look regarding.

Hoffen und Harren macht manchen zum Narren - to hope and wait (to suffer) - to become silly. And we often speak: “Beat, fight - and all hope“, “God suffered - and to us ordered“.

Finden und verhehlen ist so gut wie stehlen - to find and hide - all the same what to steal. No comments. Let`s compare: “We and theft have a craft“.

Messer, Schere, Feuer, Licht sind f ü r kleine Kinder nicht - a knife, scissors, fire yes a candle - not for small children. An excellent instruction for young parents. Our introduction “Matches to children not a toy“ appeared several centuries later.

Einmal ist keinmal - once - all the same that any. There is, of course, in Russian a low-decent saying, apologize, “Once - not pitas... with“, but whether it is worth carrying it to true popular wisdom, it is not sure.

Versprechen und halten ziemt Jungen und Alten - should keep promises both young, and old. Let`s compare: “To promise - does not mean to make“, “Between promising and performing, a man can marry his daughter“.

Vorsicht ist besser als Nachsicht - care is better than indulgence. In general, and even to some tugodumstvo in the German proverbs it is a lot of appeals to care. To the Russian recklessness and a polaganiye on “perhaps“ was not in the German life of the place. Here: Vorrede macht keine Nachrede - the preliminary arrangement relieves of reproaches further. Let`s compare: “Perhaps nebosyu brother“.

Probieren geht ü ber Studieren - experience is better than the doctrine. Receiving the higher education means. Correctness of this proverb is obvious, there is no universal aspiration to receiving the higher education in Germany and was not because any, seized experience of practical craft, both the plumber, and the janitor, respects themselves and we respect society.

Trink, aber sauf nicht; disputier`, aber rauf nicht - drink and do not get drunk, argue and do not fight. Yes, everything is regulated, any “razzudis a shoulder, swing a hand“.

Der Kranke und der Gesunde haben ungleiche Stunde - at sick and healthy time different. Theory of relativity in operation. And long before Einstein, we will notice.

Any German proverb or a saying does not call for deception, lie, laziness, dishonesty, concealment, lies. And any does not treat these negative concepts is broad or inconsistent. Modesty, honesty, moderation, diligence, accuracy, care, reticence and, in my opinion, some tediousness, a sukhovatost and the regulated correctness - the full set of Lutheran virtues found the reflection in these ordinary phrases.

Not without reason still they decorate front doors of the German houses, are quoted everywhere, everywhere and everything, flaunt on friezes of old fakhverok, on music boxes, cloths and towels, boxes of chocolates and - who could think - on modern sports equipment.

And in conclusion of article let`s remember an excellent German proverb proverbs: Ein Sprichwort im of Mund wiegt hundert Pfund - the proverb on lips weighs one hundred pounds. The kind word is worth a lot.