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Whether women think?

What they are to think?

Strangely enough, there is no accurate definition. For example: to think - to have thoughts directed to somebody, something (Ushakov`s dictionary). Dahl has approximately the same. But existence of thought in the direction of something, it is hardly possible to call process of a dumanye. For example, there is a thought to drink to tea and what? It can be made on the automatic machine, not including brains at all as simply familiar and habitual action. Made, poured, drank. Now it is possible to call me the thinking person? It is unlikely, it is rather - conceiving. The one who processes the available and arriving information it is good if it is productive and effective - the conceiving person. The fool, for example, too has different thoughts, to kick a cat, to turn a ballot box, to break glass, well put at it such foolish as thoughts are limited to aspiration of somehow to entertain, but then will ask it a question: you thought that you did? The silly question, the fool does not think, he thinks, more precisely - plans. A lot of things in life we do

on a habit, we wake up, without including completely consciousness which yet not absolutely woke up, we go to a bathroom, then on kitchen, we put a teapot, we eat, we put on, and we run for work. Often, in this process no conscious thoughts are also necessary, everything occurs automatically. However, during clothing of girls visits thought why the clothes could not be hung up, and there is nothing to put on, but naked all the same do not go on the street, somehow cope with this unsoluble contradiction.

There is an assumption that to think is to waken from automatism, from a stream of thoughts. For some time, to cease to live from a state to a state, for example, for nervousness, to pleasure, or with feeling of hostility to love, to be shaken as a pendulum, or to float as a flower in an ice-hole.

Of course, we cannot switch off a button feelings, they will be, but to think, it in parallel to start awakening process, probably, of understanding. Sometimes, it is shown in some stop of automatism, and start of process of a dumanye. And speak, “I got up (villages) and reflected“. There can be absolutely interesting questions. For example, and what I do? What purpose? Where I go? What sense in my life? What will remain later? I live as it is necessary? Or I go down stream? Where? Many more than three minutes do not maintain, and fill up again, they are carried away by a stream of the current and very urgent matters.

to Some people prevents to think well developed ability to worry. For example, as badly or as it is good what is awful that is remarkable, at the same time the person falls into the same states, being shaken on a pendulum of experiences. Try, sit down on a swing, be shaken more feasibly that air in a face, highly, even takes the breath away! To experience emotions it will turn out, to think - hardly.

Coming back to a question whether women think?

of Emotion and experience is female elements. The hormonal activity caused by estrogen does the woman more inclined to implementation of the main biological task - to reproduction of posterity, than to commission of discoveries, capture of top of Everest, the invention of new engines, etc. Along with it oxytocin, getting to blood, amplifies other women`s hormones that causes in the woman sensuality, tearfulness, a perezhivatelnost, emotionality, fast change of various states. In other words the hormonal system more, than man`s is predisposed to creation of “a pendulum of experiences“ with a bigger amplitude and smaller controllability, than at the man.

I want to note, it does not mean that it is better than the man, and it is worse than the woman, it means that we have differences at the biological level. There is news!

But now give this “news“ we will comprehend in the context of article subject.


To me the girl offended on the young man who suspected her of incorrectness, made accurately formulated complaint came. The young lady was excited, all in feelings, and issued me such phrase: “He, the villain, is jealous me of everyone, even of those with whom I did not sleep yet!“. The female thinking is fine when they are shaken on “a pendulum of experiences“ and do not understand what is told, witty aphorisms turn out. When I took an interest whether the girl understands sense of the statement, guess what was the answer? I bring literally.

- Yes, it is a villain! That here not clear!

All further questions were the offer to think a little bit, all further answers, were refusal it to make. Correctly, unless it is possible to think when there is a wish to worry. I was not right, in this case it was necessary to join, be indignant together, then there would be a feeling of understanding, empathy. And to think? Let horses think, they have a head more.

Even when the woman is quiet, there is, approximately, the same.

Being in the weakened and quiet state one young lady gave to me the message: you do not want to marry therefore we have no prospects.

In general that, is a claim, not reasonable in the depth of which, the fear lies, to remain one. Any rough emotions, just there was a state, feeling that the desirable somehow disperses from reality, there was a feeling of a hopelessness, and in the head itself the thought - a claim was born: marry, and we can leave, understood, there are no prospects, and you as - you do not want are guilty, and is obliged to want!

at the same time the woman never admits that it makes a claim. She felt, felt, there was a state which was expressed in such phrase, and that, same everything the truth. Well, from where the desire to think will undertake when corporal and sincere “truth“ just itself asks outside, it not to stop, the cellar is crowded, and the attic holds apart if not to pour out the state on people around, then will just break off. By the way, sometimes persuasiveness to statements is added by corporal truth. The mimicry, gestures, the movement and position of a body, intonation, support any statements, thoughts going besides process which I call - to think. It turns out authentically.

In confirmation, I will give one fact. Criminal case upon rape of the citizen M. was brought. I in it participated (not in rape) in business as the lawyer, the representative of interests of the defendant. The young lady on a confrontation so painted circumstances and details that it was necessary to believe, all her body, emotions, gestures, intonation confirmed - it is the victim, and he is a bastard! Actually, and it was confirmed a set of indisputable proofs, the maiden met the young man within two months, in Moscow it had no apartment therefore the vein at the guy of the house, lived sometimes in addition with two - three men, passing from one to another. When the young man became knows it, he asked to clear the room on what the girl asked to leave it till tomorrow, for one night. Left in the morning, but not on the street, and directly in militia where wrote the application for rape. Business of my client was stopped, but he spent two months in an insulator.

I can understand this maiden, she had a feeling of injustice, it is impossible to expel on the street, she did not think, she felt it. In a condition of indignation went and wrote the application.

There is one more important reason why many women refuse to think - not favourably. If it is possible just to receive the desirable experiences, demonstration of states, then why to complicate life? Let men, it is difficult for them or to experience laziness think! I to you, my dear, suffered, emotionally loaded, now you think! It is pleasant to women when men begin to think, and it is not pleasant when they show reciprocal emotional reactions, for example: “But you would not go …“.

But women think of a marriage! One young lady who read article exclaimed. No, girls do not think of a marriage, they plan it, or carry out the social installations acquired in the childhood. It is necessary to grow, it will be learned, to get on in the world, to marry.

All of us met the conceiving and thinking women, and also men who worry more, than think. There are no researches what percentage ratio of the thinking people among man`s and female. Subject curious and at all not studied. I tried to think over it. Reaction is interesting. Whether there will be women, having the gushed feelings and being in a state to prove that everything written nonsense? Author brainless chauvinist, and ladies clear heads all just. I do not know, it is interesting to me, and you?