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Geofagus krassilabris (lvinogolovy) - Geophagus crassilabris

Geofagus krassilabris (lvinogolovy) - Geophagus crassilabris

Geofagus krassilabris (Lvinogolovy) - Geophagus crassilabris (Satanoperca crassilabris) - very beautiful small fish of family tsikhlovy ilitsikhlid (Cihlidae). Perfectly joined structure of our aquarium. In nature Lvinogolovy Geofagus meets in waters of Central America (Panama). The maximum length which Geofagus can reach of 25 centimeters, but in an aquarium, usually, does not exceed 20 cm. Keep most often in the lower and average sheets of water.

the Body zelenovato - brown with blue outflow on scales, is extended in length, rather high, sides are very flattened. On the head of a male a fatty outgrowth in the form of the red cone. A back fin a long, tail fin with a direct sawn-off shotgun. The back is olive, a side yellowish, greenish or reddish, with several ordered golden or silvery specks, the lower body is lighter. Sometimes on one side 7 - 8 dark cross strips appear. Fins of color of a body from light-blue or greenish specks and strokes. Lvinogolovy Geofagus has very big and expressive eyes. In the top part of the root

of a tail fin the small dark stain is observed.

Sexual distinction are expressed poorly, the sex can be defined only during spawning, at a male semyaprovod sharp on the end, the small sizes, at a female, on the contrary, very big and blunted by the end yaytseklad.

of Geophagus crassilabris - quite peaceful fishes, and well get on with other not territorial fishes.

Geofagus krassilabris quite timid fish, at the sight of danger hides for stones and snags at once.


Inhabit Guyana and northern part of the basin of the Amazon River, water of Panama.


Ripen Geofagusa of a krassilabrisa on reaching age in 8 - 10 months. Spawning can happen and generally, and in a spawning aquarium. It is the best of all to pick up soil from pretty sand and flat stones for which couple will lay caviar. Can bear caviar both the male, and a female, for this purpose Geofagusa use the mouth. In a mouth Geofagusa`s caviar is taken in a day hour after spawning. Caviar together with a stone can also be transferred to an incubator and to grow up samomtoyatelno, but it is fraught that fishes can lose ability to grow up posterity. During incubation of posterity of fishes of parents do not feed because with food they can swallow caviar and larvae. In 8 - 10 days whitebaits for the first time on throw a mouth of parents.

Contents in the Alushtinsky aquarium:

Favorable temperature for Geofagus`s keeping of a krassilabris fluctuates within 24 - 26 degrees Celsius. dH=0 - 22, pH=6. 5 - 7. 5. Obligatory aeration, filtration and substitution about 25 - 30% of water a week is necessary. To food Lvinogolovy Geofagus is quite not whimsical, it is the best of all to make a diet on a half of live food, and on a half of compound feed. From live the crank, a trubochnik and a koretra, compound feeds - a semolina, ovsyankab well will suit TetraMin.

can be Contained in the general aquarium, it is better with the fishes who are not forming the territory. Soil in an aquarium needs to be picked up from medium-sized sand, with stiff-leaved plants with the shortened stalk and stones protected from excavation, shelters, and also pebble as fishes are quite timid are obligatory. The volume of an aquarium should not be less than 150 l.