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The professional psychologist knows answers to all questions? Myths and reality of

The other day one acquaintance suggested an idea - for what to him many thanks - about a subject which is seldom discussed and is far unevident. This subject sounds so: the myth that the professional psychologist knows answers to all questions.

It it is easy for b to assume

, apparently, that it is so logical: the person giving professional consultations to other people precisely KNOWS EVERYTHING or almost all how life has to are under construction. Yes? Here not. Let`s understand why so.

Illusion or the myth about psychologists (one of, it is probable) can sound so: the professional psychologist knows answers to all questions . In it it is easily trusted and it seems logical, it is the person: a) having vocational education; b) engaged in consultation of other people; c) at last the person who is not shipped in a subject can have an idea that there are certain “confidential rules“ which each psychologist professes and these secrets opens for the elite - the clients.

there are No confidential rules

Therefore the first dethronement of this myth sounds so: there are no confidential rules . There are no absolutely right reactions, actions and ways of behavior which the psychologist will offer the person who addressed it.

In - the first, each person is individual and endures a unique situation which in turn requires unique “solution“ or a way of reaction, behavior.

In - the second, only the person, the addressed client, “knows“ how to solve the problem. This thesis is not obvious at all, and many people will not believe: how I know the decision if I do not know its ? Here for this purpose the psychologist is also necessary. What is done by this expert, so it helps the person to find the personal solution , the best in this problem situation which (decision) is inside the client. That is the psychologist acts as such conductor: he knows tracks, knows signs and indexes, knows what questions to ask and how carefully to support the person on the way, at last, the psychologist is ready to go with the person to this internal research and helps it to return with new resources, decisions and other useful tools. Work of the psychologist consists in it (though not only): it helps the person to open internal treasures and if there were some “frights and monsters“ on the road (problems in life), then to deal with them - once again I speak in the unique way.

So, any super - there are no secrets, every time the psychologist together with the client pass in something absolutely unique way.

the Psychologist does not know answers to all questions

the Second dethronement of the designated myth sounds so: the psychologist does not know answers to all questions . The psychologist is not the person - the encyclopedia, not the expert - the versatile person, is first of all the personal consultant. Practically each professional psychologist has the specialization - family problems, business - strategy, personal difficulties, social adaptation, children`s psychology etc. and a technique of work which he prefers or investigates - here options a lot of different, new methods appear now nearly every day how many researchers, are so much also methods.

Personally I often use in individual work with clients hypnotherapy as it is very interesting and effective method of short-term therapy, but not only it, and it is a lot of other methods.

There are no answers to all questions just, all of us are already adults, the readings the encyclopedia “In total about Everything“ which were above age, and as for personal problems and crises of life, at everyone the situation is a little therefore there is also no decision, uniform on all. It is rather just right to write other book - “To everyone about the“, but I am afraid, it will strongly break records of BSE or the encyclopedia Britannica.)

Of course, there are “general schemes“, will call them so. In psychology they are called patterns. There are behavioural patterns, for example, that is schemes of behavior of different people in certain circumstances. There are patterns of psychological reactions, proceeding from psychotype of the personality etc. Actually all people can be divided into types and to leave far on this path. These divisions are used not by all psychologists, at the same time anyway it is only of model , in real life the situation is always richer, wider, than any ready model can describe.

Therefore as it can be it is sad for certain citizens, but professional psychologists do not know answers to all questions - just because these uniform answers do not exist also to everyone it is necessary to find the.

the Psychologist not the perfect person

the Third dethronement of the specified myth sounds so: the psychologist not the perfect person, at him is the problems and difficulties in lives with which it also works and which solves . For some it will seem revolutionary, but nevertheless let`s look to the truth in eyes: psychologists are living people. They also as well as are born, learn to go, read, write all others, go to school, draw, walk, swim or ride the bicycle, then go to HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and there get the higher psychological education, study further, also as well as other people marry / get divorced, raise children, meet friends, go to have a rest, sometimes do not fill up, and sometimes rejoice to simple little things in life. This row can be continued and continued, I think, you understood idea: psychologists are the same people, as well as many others. Yes, they have a special specialty, they work with people and serve as conductors on paths of many people to the true essence, the deep nature, help to understand themselves and to become more integral and harmonious structure, but nevertheless they remain people.

Perhaps, it frightens you - simple people, such as well as you, will help you to open something precious inside. They are imperfect! But because they are people and remain them, and also have specialty , they are trained to listen, show better empathy (participation in experiences of the client and the story, sympathy), to ask thin, almost imperceptible questions which suddenly will clear something for you they are trained to be near when nobody, perhaps, does not know, as it is necessary to you, but the psychologist knows and knows what to make to help you to understand with a situation to finish it the most harmonious for you in the way.

At last, the good psychologist is not afraid to be just a person. After session with the client, consulting work, he can tell about a similar situation from his life which happened to it once. Also you know that? It will help the person to feel nearby that he not one such in this world.

Much still what is known by professional psychologists that does them by psychologists, speaks about specialty. The psychologist is how good, to understand not so difficult: if on or after consultation with it for you something cleared up, or you had new thoughts, a point of view, at the same time there is a feeling that anything special did not occur, and to the following consultation you come a little another, and it seems to you that this change happened by itself is and there is a high-class indicator of the psychologist.

He does not know answers to all questions, he is not a perfect person, has no confidential super - decisions, but at the same time helps everyone addressed according to the lights. Look for such psychologist, and you will not be mistaken! And illusions exist in order that to discredit them. I hope, this article helped you to look at experts of my profession in a new way.