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James Bond. How many faces the main hero of Bondiana changed? Last time I wrote

about sources of emergence of such cinema phenomenon as the agent 007. After final leaving of Sean Connery creators of the franchize started painful process of search over again...

1973 - 1985. Roger Moore

When was taken for Lazenby`s role, Roger Moore was engaged in a teleplay about adventures of other spy, Simon Templar, in series “Saint“. By that moment when EON repeatedly began to look for Connery`s replacement, Moore already finished shootings and was eager to become part of the new project.

Moore became the most long-playing agent 007 in the subsequent seven movies appearing on average time in two years. After all troubles at a boundary of decade two things were extremely necessary for series: constancy and confidence in tomorrow, especially against secret fuss as a result of which Zaltsman in 1975 sold the share in EON and in 1981 the MGM studio bought up the United Artists company with giblets.

Moore gave to series a luster, and to the character - image of the desperate playboy. On the one hand, it was continuation of the last exit of Connery in “Diamonds“, with another - strikingly differed from coldness and proof of the character 60 - x. Considering that the actor was more senior - at the time of shootings of the first movie to Moore already knocked 45 - all action laid down on shoulders of stuntmen. Roger appeared only on close ups to say the next “terrible“ phrase.

On many aspects the era of Roger Moore in Bondiana is an era of the self-parody, and not only concerning movies about Bond, but also all the priest - cultures in which bosom these tapes arose: beginning from “Live and let`s die“, passed on a perspective of black cinema, and finishing “Munreyker“ in which James Bond after heroes of “Star wars“ went to master space.

Not buffoonery uniform: the beginning 80 - x was marked by emergence of the picture “Only for Your Eyes“ in which authors tried to return to genre sources, however nonsense was not slow to revenge at the return in the tape “View of Murder“. Moreover, in peak to the murovsky character there was a remake of “Fireball“ “Never never speak“ with Connery. To Roger Moore it was already executed 58, and all series went to pieces.

1987 - 1989. Timothy Dalton - Gloomy Bond

the First aspiration of Broccoli was to replace Moore with other ironical character, Pierce Brosnan from series “Remington Steel“. However in the same way as in the sixtieth, Roger did not manage to get to Bondiana from - for several lines in the contract, and now Brosnan was compelled from the offer to refuse. Therefore invited Timothy Dalton once recognized “too young“, but who now matured for 20 years and who accumulated experience to a role. Set the task to represent the agent 007 such what it was not seen yet by the viewer for it, - the cruel car created for murder.

In lack of modern gadgets, in lack of sex (outside 80 - e and concern in distribution of AIDS), Dalton is convincingly cold, even too. It obviously has Moore and Connery`s brutal humour, and onvizualno loses not only to the predecessors, but also new heroes of fighters in the person of John Makkleyn (“Die Hard“) or Martin Riggs (“The deadly weapon“).

The bloody “License for murder“ for the first time received an age restrictive rating in hire and, despite desire to keep up to date, completely disappointed the audience. Further - it is worse. After series of sales and license agreements of EON filed a lawsuit against MGM/UA that in the first half 90 - x became a reason for fears into the account of further uncertain destiny of series. Dalton still had to act for the third time in a leading role, however in 1994 his patience burst and he left the project.

1995 - 2002.

Having finished take-off and Pierce Brosnan`s falling with

with legal problems, closely was engaged in Broccoli in revival of Bondiana from ruins. There passed 6 years, the situation in the world and in cinema exchanged to unrecognizability, and it was unclear how the old times Bond can fit into new conditions.

To find out it, for a role at last signed Pierce Brosnan. Positioning the character as something between lightness of the playboy Moore and steel quick Connery, Brosnan suggested to take the best from both. As it became clear soon, the viewer missed the agent 007, and the new movie “Gold Eye“ was quickly beaten out in cash leaders of series. What became a consolation for Broccoli, in time before the death in 1996 to see that its child still enjoys popularity.

Bond became a serial product again, and tapes left with an enviable regularity again. Movies with Brosnan offered audience a familiar mix from a rectilinear action and sarcastic dialogues, but the desire was too noticeable to imitate former progress. The release of 2002 “Became deification die, but not today“ which was self-confidently presented as 20 - y the official movie of the franchize and the project in honor of 40 - summer anniversary of the very first episode - “Doctor Nou“. And at the same time became the absolute parody to itself.

The series were in great need in full reconsideration of all idea in general. The true fan of Bondiana, Quentin Tarantino offered the services as the director. Brosnan had no objection to replace image too. However successors of Broccoli, his daughter Barbara and the son-in-law Michael Wilson were not eager to hit so cardinally in changes. More precisely, they had ideas in this respect …

After 2006. Daniel Craig is the Blond

James Bond. High and stylish brunette. Everything is correct. So was earlier.

The image created by Brosnan really was ideally suited for book Bond. Therefore EON decided to go some other way. If James Bond is the licensed murderer why to him and not to look podobayushche? Inspired by new espionage image of Matt Damon (Jason Born), the team on casting offered producers absolutely new person - Daniel Craig. With a constitution of a bulldog, a gloomy look and a light head of hear.

Fans of series right there made furious noise, but those who already examined works of this actor in such movies as, for example, “Puff cake“, understood at once that the result can turn out very much even interesting.

So it also left. “A casino the Grand piano“ really returned to sources. For the first time since the author, Ian Fleming, officially struck the name off the list of creators of series. New Bond pumped up muscles and “does not take prisoners“, confirming an image of the cool intelligence agent, but not glossy handsome man after Connery. The movie suddenly became the international hit, having become a role model both in the opinion of admirers, and in articles of critics. And the subsequent emergence of the sequel “Mercy Quantum“ only confirmed the status of Bondiana - it is not just periodic adventures of the agent 007, these are full-function modern film series.

Should we worry that history clogged right now, on the most interesting place? It is unlikely. Similar situations already happened, and while reins of government are in hands of lineal heirs of Broccoli, it is doubtful that to Bondiana there will be something fatal. Craig is still devoted to the character, and the short delay will only strengthen his desire again to show the abilities in a trequel.

Also do not forget, in 2012 to Bondiana 50 years are executed, and any engaged lawyer will not be able to spoil the forthcoming anniversary.